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Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood

I detected a theme today - I decided to watch Omen IV: The Awakening, and in the midst of it, arrived My Acheron CD whose cover theme pays an impressive homage to nefarious nativity. What I have always enjoyed about Acheron is their presentation of the totalized utilization of the triune Malefik Musick qualities of Superior Musick, Aesthetics, and Lyricks. The fury is consistent, and through all of their evilutions, have remained constant and unapolagetic for their demonic propensities. So, without further adeu, the review:

Rebirth: Metmorphosing Into Godhood

Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood

Dark Productions Records

The Hell-Post today was infernally blessed by an arrival from Vincent Crowley {An interview included in The Devil's Diary V.5 ~ \,,/ Satanic Salute!} - Acheron's "Rebirth: Metamosphosing Into Godhood" CD, a Mighty unleashing from the depths of deepest darkness - and it certainly shows - immediately, one is gratified by the cover image - a woman giving birth to a devil-baby, infernal progeny, reddened with blood there upon the stone altar, complete with horns, claws, fangs, and wings {just adorable} emerging from the black genesis of the womb; and they are surrounded by robed figures bearing the insignias of Satanism - the Pentagram, and to a lesser extent, inverse crosses. Quite a striking spectacle overall, reminding Me of "Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra", Xerxes, as well as of course, Damien. Also speaks to the fact that "Satanists are born, not made." Pretenders are eventually exposed and banished, reverting back to their mediocrity and pretentious meanderings in the many manifestations of the blindlight, many times inspiring either amusement, pity, or disgust.

Acheron returns sans keyboards for this one, opting for the rawer style previous to 'Those Who Have Risen'. Crowley's vox delivers excellently as a veritable portal to the Underworld; "Chaos Invocation" introduces this musickal ritual with reversed speech {"shilgne"} and furious bestial enunciation; then we are launched into "Church of One" {a very Satanic phrase in itself, and possibly the heaviest cantible herein}; followed by a tribute to the Daemon "Xomaly" with soaring guitars echoing across the burning heavens, and lingering strains sustaining, floating - also incorperates a female voice narration during the solo - besides, the phrase which stands out in this one is "As Above, So Below!"; "Bow Before Me" is the Satantric offering herein, displaying a Dominance/Submission element of Satanic Erotica; then "The Kindred" emerges beneath the moonlight, tapping into 'Those Who Have Risen' in its vampiric vain; another introduction entitled "A Long Time Ago" advents "Golgotha's Truth" about The Dead Sea Scrolls, speaking to the obfuscated history of the nazarene cult's progenitor, along with his fornicating and murderous activities and deceptions; "Betrayed {A Broken Pact}" invokes justified torment upon ingratitude with exceeding wrath; "The 9th Gate" serves as a diabolic meditation to those willing to practice it - Nine {The Magic Number} minutes of dorje reverberation "cycling the ages of time"; an added gem is included in this unleashing, a splendid cover of Celtic Frost's "Dawn of Megiddo" {To Mega Therion}, which really grants an accolade to The Frost, one of the prime founders of Black Metal Musick, which remains timelessly potent.

Rating: 9/9 Black Candles.

[Also highly recommeded: Dimmu Borgir. Especially inspect the Video section and view "Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse". Beautifully inspiring visuals and Musick.]

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