Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Midnight Syndicate Weekend on Haunted Voices Radio

Malefik Musick Announcement

Haunted Voices Radio

"Haunted Voices Radio hosts a Midnight Syndicate Weekend

Beginning at 11:00pm CST on Friday, April 13th, tune in to Haunted Voices Radio for a Midnight Syndicate Weekend. The program, hosted by Todd Bates, will run through 6pm CST on Sunday, April 15th, and features:

* Midnight Syndicate Music ALL WEEKEND!
* Featuring rare, unreleased remixes performed by Gavin Goszka and other artists.
* Brief interviews with Ed & Gavin.
* Call-in giveaways. The call-in number is 618-215-2136
* Band trivia and more!

Todd will be up all weekend to take your Midnight Syndicate call in requests and questions for the band LIVE on air. You do not need to register or login to listen to the show or to enter the chat room. The entire weekend will be aired live at and will be archived and free to download."

Tags: malefik musick

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