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As Satanists, we observe the vernal equinox, recognizing the seasonal shift of Nature in bloom, and the seeming increase in flirtatious pervasiveness, with the incremental revealing of flesh as the weather shifts. We see about us the herd's easter proliferation and pre-occupation with rabbits and baskets, and to a lesser extent, the crucifiction and resurrection of the jesus myth.

So-called "Good Friday" is truly fortuitous, as it may represent the death of blindlight hypocrisy and unreason, with an inner recognition of carnal nature. In a microcosmic consideration, the philosophical Satanic Age of Fire over the Jehovic Age of Ice.


The word 'Easter' derives from the Teutonic 'Eostre', a deity of the dawn, and may thereby be comparable to Lucifer as "son of the morning", symbolic of rebirth and revitalization. It has also been comparable to the dawn star Venus, figuratively as the deity of beauty and love/lust.

The ancient pagans practiced "Eosturmonath ", and is associated with Ishtar*, the Babylonian Goddess of fertility and erotica, which was of course typically renamed upon the christian reformation and adopted as "Easter" to coincide with J/C mythology. Thus vilified, was transformed by early Catholics into a sterile and death-obsessed holiday devoid of sensuality.

* Male variant: Lucifer / Pan {Dionysus}.
* Female variant: Venus / Ishtar.

Rabbits were chosen as a major icon for this token holiday as representing fertility, harking back to more secular depictions. Rabbits are a prey animal, and therefore reproduce fecundly to feed predators, from wolves, wildcats, to serpents.

Interestingly, I for one have noticed that with extreme few exceptions, as with predators, Satanists tend to have fewer offspring, thus enhanced in quality over quantity. Where the few have always ruled over the many.

The connection with eggs stems from fertile female eggs of reproduction and pregnancy. Higher incidents of conception have been chronicled in this time, with most births occurring in the latter months. Therefore, the depiction of a rabbit named "The Easter Bunny" carrying a basket filled with eggs became predominant among the herd.

Being that we may have been surrounded in this lepine per-occupation since darklinghood, it may still serve as an evocation, especially with delicious candied eggs and fun hunts; and because of our diabolical evolution, we can modify it to personal preference, if so desired, while maintaining psychological stimulus and undefiled perspective.

On Beaster Eggs & May Poles…

Beginning with salacious ruminations in February Lupercalia, obviously the cumming Beaster eggs represent the fertility of The Ovum, and otherwise fertile testicles filled with seed ready to inseminate, and even the basket may symbolize the vagina into which they are placed, complete with pubic “grass” ripe for the grabbing, picking, and consuming. Then cums Walpurgisnacht fanning the fires of Lust in pleasureful acts of debauchery, then May day, with nubile maidens with blossoming flowers in their long flowing hair dancing round the pole, staff, obelisk, what have you, as representative of The erect Penis, as a fountain of living water, so may the ribbons represent tongues wrapped and moist gardens sheathed thereupon.

The Eastern Star of The Morning is heralded, none other than Daemon Angel Lucifer comes forth, in various burgeoning, comely guises and names, Dionysus, Pan, to Aphrodite, even merging as Baphomet.

So, along with one's own birthday, Walpurgisnacht and Halloween, we develop our own commemorations according to our desires. So, I propose "Beaster" with some suggestions:

Things to do for Beaster


Drac's Deviled Eggs
{18 eggs}
  • I. Peel and cut boiled eggs in half, length-wise.
  • II. Remove yolks and place them in a separate container.
  • III. Add three table spoons of mayonnaise to yolks.
  • IV. Add one tablespoon of sweet relish.
  • V. Mash and mix yolks.
  • VI. Add pinch of salt.
  • VII. Apply one teaspoon amount to each 1/2 egg.
  • VIII. Sprinkle with chives and paprika.
  • IX. Serve cold.

* Serving suggestion: Place on silver platter.
* Store in refrigerator until serving.

Gypsy Rabbit Dinner

Put rabbit, bouquet garni, minced onion, chicken fat, peppercorns, and salt in large kettle. Cover with water and wine. Bring to boil, lower heat, and simmer gently 2 1/2 hours without stirring. Add carrots, onions, mushrooms, and potatoes and cook, covered, until vegetables are tender, about 25 to 30 minutes. Remove bouquet garni and thicken with beurre manie ; add parsley and simmer 5 minutes more. This recipe yields 6 servings.

3 lb. Rabbit cut into pieces

Bouquet garni consisting of:
  • 1 lrg Bay leaf and
  • 3 sprg Thyme and also
  • 2 whl cloves
  • 5x Onions minced
  • Chicken fat, small egg size
  • 6x Peppercorns crushed, Salt to taste, Equal water and red wine to cover
  • 1 1/2 cup Diced carrots
  • 12 sm White onions
  • 12 sm Mushroom caps
  • 18 sm Potatoes
  • 2tbl Beurre manie
  • 1tbl Minced parsley


* Witch Eggs: Drawing Satanic Symbols on colored and/or black eggs.
* Filling plastic eggs with creepy crawly critters, and/or slime.
* Constructing black basket with rubber and/or stuffed plush snake/s therein, and plenty of candy.

The Beaster season begins with the vernal equinox, and continues through to Walpurgisnacht. In the Ritual Chamber, lust rituals and Satantric ceremonies are recommended.

"Take that which tempts whenever you can, and sin well!"

* Iconographically, the lion, bull, serpent and dragon are sacred to Ishtar, who herself also as Inanna was sometimes depicted with a bow and arrow on Mesopotamian monuments. Yet another possible connection to cupid's arrow of lust. She was known as a goddess of lust, war, storm, the hunt, and regarded as one of the fates.

* Post-Beaster Pleasures.

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