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Double-Feature: Van Helsing & The Punisher

Went to a Drive-In tonight, which can be a most romantic experience in several ways. In the area that I live in, it is enmeshed between a cross of The Noir Era and the 50's, which makes for a wonderfully stimulating total environment in itself. So I decided to take in a couple of movies I have been desiring to see at one of the few Drive-Ins left in the state of California, so immediately, there is an evocative quality to the atmosphere upon entering and parking - couples embracing lovingly in some autos, and others sipping their preferred alcoholic beverages.

Pros: Evocation in partaking of an era here preserved. The three-story tall silver screen. Enhanced privacy. Partaking in whatever treats desirable. The cool breeze coursing along the foothills. Opportunities for Voyeurism.

Cons: Momentary headlights shining in. People walking around. The quality of sound depends on one's stereo system.

Would I recommend this activity? Yes.

* Van Helsing

Overview: An amusing spectacle with an interesting plot, although the characters are one-dimensional, with a focus more on special effects, battles, rather than character accentuation.

Plot: Count Dracula necessitates the Frankenstein Creature's conductive abilities to bring his progeny to life {mostly consisting of hell-bats}; Van Helsing is commissioned by The Catholic Church to kill monsters in Transylvania, in a sort of secretive underground order, and utilizes a myriad of weapons to battle them with; Van Helsing becomes a werewolf, which is, according to this story-line, the only thing that can kill The Lord of The Vampires. He first encounters Mr. Hyde, who resembles a troll with bad manners. He attempts to capture a werewolf who bites him, thereby becoming a werewolf himself. He is joined by a luscious vampire huntress, who also confronts the gorgeous brides of Dracula, who transform into veritable demonic valkries {I must say, the metamorphosis between demoness and lovely maiden is flawless}, and the werewolves are remarkable; In My opinion, the aesthetic of the resident Count seems inappropriate, lacking in personality and charm. The vistas are beautiful, but the film moves at too fast a pace, and gives the impression of taking cues from Hercules and Xena at times. While this film does not compare to the Francis Ford Copolla version of Dracula, it is nonethelesss a fun excursion.

As stated in a commentary below about the Van Helsing film, this presentation can indeed serve as a fertile seed to spring forth many wonderful manifestations of the horror genre returned.

Rating: 3/5

* The Punisher

Two words come to mind: Gratuitous overkill. While this is the nature of the Marvel character, there seems to be an attempt to represent him as somewhat in a "Taxi Driver" {Robert DeNiro} and Rambo vein, and appears rather shallow overall. The original character is driven by a passion to avenge the murders of his wife and child, which the film manages to portray quite thuroughly. I would have enjoyed seeing him in his Punisher costume in more of the movie, which would have made it more interesting, instead of the small caption at the end - for he is afterall, a comic book character. It seems the prducers attempted to mold him in a more realistic manner, which loses much in its fantasy content.

Rating: 2/5.


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