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A bed fit for a King

The Pentagram bedspread arrived today, and it looks quite enchanting underneath the black/red lights {turned to Satanic position, of course}, in the center of the black iron canope bed, and definitely serves to enhance the atmosphere of The Noctuary Chambre, conducive of many Sorceries and Secrets. The decor herein is really evolving nicely, and again, when I locate My camera, I shall scan some images for The Infernal Empire to survey.

Also picked up a dragon water dish for Dagon, dark stone grey with a draconian denizen entwining 'round its permimeter. He is becoming more and more acclimated to his enhanced surroundings, as he reposed there curled by The Altar, echoing My sentiments when I ritualize and concentrate. He has the most soulful eyes, the black flame burns streadily and strongly in this marvellous and graceful creature. He enjoys his blacklight warmth.

I also neglected to mention that I have also received the plentifully-sought after Baphomet design from Netherworld, which the picture does not justuce to - the detailing is remarkable, intricate and magnificent. Certainly a most worthy pendant to portray the Lord of Darkness, gracefully brought forth by a fellow Church of Satan Member, Joe Netherworld.

Other additions to The Noctuary shall include a 6' diameter Pentagram carpet which shall perfectly accomodate the expanse of the center of The Ritual Chambre, instead of carving or chalking the floor - this adds not only an applicable purpose for the standing in, and traversing of the dimensional spheres, but practically as well, as it does look quite artful overall; The Shadowmantic experimentations would allow for candles preserved within glass or iron holders as they are positioned at the points that serve to alight the trapezoidal doorway into The Aethers, thus blending with The Dark Force. {An elaboration on this principle is available within Dracomeroth.}


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