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Blackthorne Theatre: Midnight Offerings

Blackthorne Theatre

Midnight Offerings
XV A.S. Directed by Rod Holcomb. Written by Juanita Bartlett. Starring Melissa Sue Anderson {Vivian Sotherland}, Mary Beth McDonough {Robin Prentiss}, Patrick Cassidy {David Sterling}, Marion Ross {Emily Moore}, Gordon Jump {Sherm Sotherland}, Cathryn Damon {Diane Sotherland}, Ray Girardin {Clausen}, Peter MacLean {Charles Prentiss}, Jack Garner {Hugh Garvey}, Dana Kimmell {Lily}, Jeff MacKay {Herb Nemenz}, Curt Ayers, Jack Bridges, Gary Dubin, Kym Karath {Monique}, Robin Klein, Michael Morgan {Frankel}, Terry Wagner, Wendy Rastattar, Dino Shorte {Paramedic}, Dean Wein, Vanna White {Devona}, Loren Lester.

The little sheep from Little House on the Prairie, Melissa-Sue Anderson, has wandered far from the flock, to portray a Satanic Witch in this gem of a movie, Midnight Offerings. She plays an adolescent Satanist, determined to be the top-notch student at Ocean High. She adds & diminishes whom & whatsoever she pleases, by her Occult Powers. She has a marvelous Ritual Chamber erected in her bedroom, & an adorable black cat familiar, She is completely covert about it, until a rival, Robin Prentiss, moves into town, who is under-developed Magically, & even tries to deny her natural Witchery, which only works to the advantage of Vivian, who manipulates her at will, but not without subconscious resistance. She ends up getting the attention of Dave Sterling, Vivian's boyfriend, which invokes the wrath of the Dark Sorceress, to the eventual point of a face-off in the school's athletic field turned execution grounds. Robin's attempts to gain help from some dumb weakan proved fruitless against the magnified Black Magic of the Black Witch on that Full Moon's night.

Dave Sterling remains the jock-bimbo ingrate, unappreciative of Vivian's efforts to keep him as the star-quarterback of the High School's team, who, because of Vivian's spells, he has enjoyed top-ranking. Instead, he becomes confused by his twisted "morality", & veers further away from her, & into the arms of the idiotic Prentiss.

There's a dramatic scene between Vivian & her weak, stifling mother, who seeks to thwart her daughter's aspirations of success, wherein they have a brief psychic battle. That bitch didn't even want Vivian, because she was the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter. Her father is a good-natured, gullible fellow, who is clueless about Vivian being a Hecatite Witch, who works closely with Hecate, Dark Goddess of the Moon & Witchcraft.

The opening scene is INCREDIBLE, & not at all as far-fetched as some people might believe. This first scene really sets the tone of the movie, & is profoundly memorable.

Midnight Offerings is quite impressive, for the great aesthetics of Magic, the beautiful Baphomet, & the demonstration of the moronic antics of the normals, who can never quite comprehend the glory & Power We Children of Darkness possess.

This movie also has a great score, which can be useful for your own rituals & ceremonies, if you can find it.

Midnight Offerings is yet another inspirational, satanistic film that should have ended, however, about five minutes sooner, to avoid the D.P. ∞

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