DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The real Truman Show

News From The Mothership

My dear Alien Elite:

* Link: "Justin TV".

Days in the life of the nerd herd. For the voyeur, this person has decided to carry a webcam on themselves at all times, supposedly "until they die" - we'll see, although that would certainly be interesting, and I do hope this person acquires a girlfriend at some point in time. There are certain events listed in a calendar section up on the right-hand corner for the viewer who is so inclined. Overall, the impression of this experiment lends to aliens gazing upon earthlings - not terribly exciting, but perhaps may be an amusing look-in from time to time.

I Am reminded of the film The Truman Show, and the omniscient overview of those who may be entertained, as well as an Orwellian society of inspection.

Tags: technology

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