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The Pick of Destiny


The Pick of Destiny
{XLI A.S. Directed by Liam Lynch. Starring Jack Black, Kyle Gass, Ronnie James Dio, David Grohl, Ben Siller, Jason Reed, Troy Gentile. Genre: Comedy.}

Tenacious D's "epic" movie, wherein Jack Black and Kyle Gass portray no less than a caucasian version of 'Cheech & Chong', who embark upon a quest to possess the mystical 'pick of destiny', which is comprised of a demon's tooth, of all things, as all who have attained it have reached heights of stardom to the ranks of Metal Gods.

After a juvenile Jack beseeches a poster of Dio for guidance, and to be delivered from his oppressive environment including an abusive father reminiscient of Mark Metcalf {from Twisted Sister video fame}, played by no less than Meatloaf; he is instructed to engage upon a journey to possess the fabled demonic guitar pick, travelling to Hollywood and Venice Beach, where he meets his counterpart in a long-haired KG, who after some haughty deception, finally discover they share a gluteal birthmark which completes the other's, revealing the name of the band.

After being guided by a mysterious deshevelled vagrant, and spurned by KG in favor of three sorority cuties, Jack takes to the road on the "shoelace express" as it were, where he joins up with Sasquach in a mushroom-induced hallucination resembling a Sid & Marty Krofft kaliedoscopic world of adventure; but finally finds the Rock 'n' Roll Museum and is rejoined by KG.

Other mentionable scenes include a musical battle with an impressive demon {played by David Grohl}, a-la "The Devil Went Down to Georgia", who clearly wins the bout and retrieves his tooth, yet the luck of the gump manages to chip a piece of horn instead, sending the demon back into Hell through a portal in the shape of a pentagram. The manner in which the Magic of the horn is used later in the film is honestly quite repugnant.

The Pick of Destiny is essentially a stoner's musical-fantasy escapade with some pleasing infernal aesthetics, although the serendipity and gauchery speaks to the proposed axiom "God takes care of drunks and fools".

Amusing for what it is, entertainment on a puerile level; and for fans of the music of Tenacious D, it does feature a pretty good soundtrack, serving as a worthy sequel to the first.


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