Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

NLM 14

NLM 14Received My copy of Not Like Most #14 yesterday, and needless to say, it is yet another superb release from Magister Paradise, done with class and style. Speaking of Classical, an essay herein entitled "Classical Music: The Devil's Playground" expounded by LeRue Delashay {Satanic Composer Diablere} heads off the issue, followed by "The Misanthrope's Survival Guide" {all of which is already personally and pleasantly implemented}; a thuroughly interesting interview with esteemed Magister Nemo, Founder of The Temple of The Vampire - members will not want to miss this one!; "The Golden Age" {'...of Horror!' - DB} follows, whose evocative timing is perfect, and speaks to the current dis-hibernation and awakening of the silver screen, which is a most pleasing development; a hilarious inclusion from the "bizarre world and strange weirdness" of Professor Sinister entitled "The Library of Secrets", which relates some of the more both far-fetched and plausible contraptions throughout sexual medical history {which seems to be rather large on anti-rape devices - which is understandable, considering the times, in which women were seen as property, and whose deflowerment by another man could mean humilation and the damaged reputation of the man} including a "penis trap" and "female securiy device"; a piece on the shock value of Satanism by Shiva Rodriguez; "America, Where Are You?" by Rev. Herbert Paulis; "Hymn to Belphegor" by Adan Flores, which is an infernally-inspired relation; a fine and agreeable addition "Indulgence: Fine-tune it or Die" by David Allan White {where did he go?}; "Absolute Human Companion" by Mgr. Paradise - an elaboration on Artificial Human Companions by ASLV, their crystallization and ever-perfecting intigation; and another classic piece on Paganini by Mr. Delashay named "The Devil's Hands" - these are great perspectives on these composers who were more often than not in league with Dark Forces themselves, thus inspired by The Daemon within.

"Mediabolica" comprises the multi-media review section, with reviews of The Devil's Diary V, and an inclusion of My review of Magus Gilmore's Threnody For Humanity. \,,/ Two Horns up to Magister Paradise!


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