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Couples try luck with 7-7-07 weddings

Couples try luck with 7-7-07 weddings
March 9, 2007

Ray Wu pretty much blew it.

The attractive woman he met through mutual friends during a trip to Las Vegas wanted nothing to do with him after she flew off his jet ski as he careened through waves in a rough game of chicken.

"She hated me," the management consultant company owner said Thursday, recalling how Angela Wong lost her contact lenses, camera and pricey watch in Lake Mead nine years ago. "She wouldn't talk to me."

But something in Sin City's air inspired Wu to take his chances. Sliding $20 worth of quarters into a slot machine, Wu told Wong she'd have to go on a date with him if he hit the jackpot.

Wong, who agreed to Wu's wager, pulled the lever.

The slot machine spit out a 7-7-7.

It's pretty easy to guess which date the Bridgeport couple, both 30, picked to tie the knot this year.

"I thought it'd be kind of funny to have slot machines [at the wedding]," laughed Wu, who will marry his health club representative sweetheart at the Hilton Chicago on July 7. "I'm still trying to convince her."

Date is busiest of the year

July 7, 2007, is apparently the hottest day to walk down the aisle this year, local wedding planners and hotel operators said.

The date, according to many, is garnering so much attention across the country it's surpassing the ever popular July 4th for nuptials.

"People just like the numbers," Chateau Ritz's manager Jim Nicolas said.

The Niles banquet hall booked 7-7-07 one and half years ago, but it still receives five to six inquiries a week on the date's availability.

Last year there was 6-6-06, but that fell on a Tuesday. And 6-6-6 is commonly associated with Satanism.

The number seven, on the other hand, is perceived as lucky and falls on a Saturday.

'It has a great ring to it'

"I was surfing through the calendar and I just knew I wanted that date when I saw it. It has a great ring to it, and I knew I'd never forget it," said Kathryn Krzak.

The 26-year-old kindergarten teacher from Oak Lawn knew she wanted to get married on July 7 even before fiance Andrew Levin proposed. The two will marry at the Ritz-Carlton.

As Wong and Wu can attest, the succession of any number other than seven is not as special.

"To me, seven means happiness," said Wong. "I see light, sunshine and a bright future."

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