DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Satanic Scriptures

The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Peter H. Gilmore

"The Satanic Scriptures hands down the wit, wisdom and diabolical perspective of the Church of Satan’s High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore. These essays, articles and diatribes have been collected from over twenty years of the High Priest’s writings for his infernal cabal, some first issued in the pages of publications available only to insiders. From the magic of toys to techniques of time travel, Magus Gilmore leads the reader down a Left-Hand Path where few will find what they expect..."

Church of Satan

Infernal Empire News!: The long-awaited The Satanic Scriptures release from Magus Peter H. Gilmore, Church of Satan High Priest, a Malefik Musickal release, and underground theater events.

Hail The Church of Satan.

Warlock Blackthorne & Magus Gilmore [666]

Tags: church of satan, the infernal empire

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