Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Horror Classics

I Am pleased to announce that I have possessed another marvellous acquisition worthy of The Noctuary. While at the music shoppe purchasing a new VCR {in order to especially view Speak of The Devil; along with many of the media gems I have in My VHS collection which will probably never see the blindlight of day, including several rare recordings of interviews on shows that no longer exist; along with some classics that are rare finds besides}, I happened to look into a shelf where no-one else seems to peer, when I saw a very intruguing DVD package containing 8 Horror Classics: The Satanic Rites of Dracula {already had it on VHS - now replaced with enhanced technology}, The Terror, Mutant, Dead Men Walk, King of The Zombies, The Monster Maker, Lady Frankenstein, & Sisters of Death, with others in the series therein to be possessed soon. I detect a certain 'trend' in which what are deemed 'classics' {in the exceptional sense, not as necesarily pertaining to chronology}, in both the cinematic and musical genres, are being compiled into these convenient groupings, where one also derives twice the value of one's expenditure - I like it! Despite the disposable nature of current society, this does benefit the Satanist in many ways.

Then off to the fragrant Coffee Shoppe for another one of those potent caffeine-laden concoctions likened a shake. After spending a bit of time there for pleasant conversation and rumination, it was off in search of the perfect frame for a certain document I recently received, and what did I find also, but a calendar for Mother Satan I know she will appreciate - cathedral architecture from The Home Land.


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