DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Nefarious Newsletter V. 216


I. Quotations: Gandhi, Greek & Irish proverb.
II. Interesting Facts & Foibles: Bizarre Weddings.
III. Nefarious News: Snakes in China 'predict quakes', Dracula's castle goes up for sale, Coming Soon to a Store Near You: Instant Cow Dung.
IV. Black Heart Poetry: Red Storm, The Frost, The Devil's Fog, The Haunted Forest.
V. Loki's Laughter: O Give Me A Clone...
VI. Wicked Words: incarnadine, hinterland, chimerical.
VII. Hell's Bar & Grill: Avocado Dip with Chilies, Veal Scaloppini with Cream Sauce, Creamy Mashed Potatoes with Fresh Herbs, Raspberry Pie.
VIII. The Devil's Web: Ask A Ninja, Mideival Macabre, Punch Magazine cartoon gallery.
IX. The Shadow Gallery: Pentagon Baphomet, Satanist Warning Sign.

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* Note: The links above do not contain identical content within the newsletter. All the material mentioned above is original to that specific issue.

Tags: nefarious news

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