Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Not Like Most 16 review

Satan's Scroll

Not Like Most
Volume 16: Special 6/6/06 Satanic High Mass Issue

NLM 16With fantastic photograpy by Daark, and experience relations from various outstanding members and The Magestri, including Magus Gilmore, HPs Nadramia, Rev. Moore, and Magister Lang, this elegant issue of Not Like Most is a magnificent overview of the 6/6/06 High Mass in The City of Dark Angels / Los Diablos, the first ever since those Magical events within the legendary halls of The Black House.

Also included are several essays on aesthetics {Magister Paradise, Col. Akula}, music {Maestro Le'rue Delashay}, social darwinism {Leviathan XIII}, Satanic Witchery {Dixie Rose}, an undefiled historical perspective {Magister Herbert Paulis}, a piece on the Satanic religion {Bill M.}, erotic photography from Rik Garret, multimedia reviews {including The Devil's Diary}, and an interview with our very own Reverend James Mitchell, the 'Sinister Minister' of TNA Wrestling, manager of the monster known as 'Abyss'.

NLM 16 takes its honored place in Church of Satan history, and remains a veritable memento vivendi in The Blackthorne Lair, and was an empowering pleasure to have been a part of.

Hail The Church of Satan!

Tags: 666, church of satan, infernal empire, magazines, satan's scroll

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