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The New Age of The Clones


Modern Frankenstein: The New Age of The Clones
Draconis Blackthorne

"It's alive! Alive!" - Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein.

Since and even before the fascination of the replication of human life, as expressed through the medium of film, particularly the horror and science-fiction genres, such as the film, 'Frankenstein' and more recently, 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein', as the genius mistaken for madness, of one Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who has been the archetypal icon for the sublimated core of man as god. How the stuporstitious have attempted to thwart the progession of science at every turn, but sadly fail in this modern age. Gone are the dark days of christian tyranny, when logical thinking processes were uselesly integrated into even schools of thought and educational institutions of the state; yet even now in the 21st century, there still lingers residue that is slowly but surely being wiped clean. Even the Catholic Pope has recently condemned the successful cloning - the first step.

And now blindlighters have decried the efforts of Science to further evolve technology, yet cannot stunt it any longer as they have done in the past. Often, science progresses occutly now, as Scientists and the government realize the value of silence to avoid panic amongst the herd, only allowing for incremental snippets of information at a time. As it is, it provides fundies with another reason with which to point their fingersscreetching aout the evils of The Devil in the world, and the impending rule of The Antichrist.

And so the cloning of human beings has become another scapegoat. Another Dark Art / Science relegated to The Infernal Regions. "Man cannot play God" is the cant, but this is obviously incorrect, as man has, and shall continue to step into the role of The Gods, setting his own destiny, forging new technologies, discarding useless foolosophies no longer logical nor applicable - innovating, inventing, establishing ever new standards of theory and practice.

These need not necessarily be brainless zombies - as the story goes, did you ever stop to think what the result could have been had a "normal" brain been selected instead of the "abnormal" one? Or what the result would have been with a more attractive candidate? Science is a process of trial and error, catalogued and improved upon - the perfecting process is ever ongoing - in the first phase, many zygotes were rejected until finally, the perfect combination of DNA configuration was achieved, hence, "Dolly" the sheep came to be {RIP}.

The second phase shall be the generation, regeneration, and the preservation of limbs and organs grown individually, utilizing a patient's own DNA. Thusfar, skin grafts have been used from the patient's own body or from cadavres; ears and noses have been cultivated on the backs of rats. Cloning will eliminate the need for any of this, which now seems so archaic. And finally, the highest Scientific accomplishment - the creation of life itself! Vitamancy.

The thought birthed onto paper only voices the propensity of scientific inevitability; and much later onto film, has come to be - the Pygmalionic Ritual has yielded another scientific triumph. Another manifestation of Satan has appeared - the Infernal Gates have again been swung wide open - and another daemon is released!


Yet another element to be added to the Dionysian world. Consider the cultivation of the perfect mate, or sex slave. One who will b willing to fulfill your every wish and whim. A clone may be cultivated to resmebles whatever E.C.I. you may hold, with the three-dimensional replication of a photograph, for example.

Or in another entrely different subject, the replication of a deceased relative, or even a pet!


Clones created with superior physical strength to perform menial tasks and hard labor occupations far better than current prole work mules. Clones as servents who may be trained / capable in one particular skill, such as a maid or a butler, which can even be crossed into the sexual arena, if so desired.


"Let the games begin!" Clones cultivated to battle with criminals and/or voluntary contestants in the new Circus Maximus. Proceeds from pay-per-view events may be redirected to fund further research.


Clones as bodyguards, Police, security. Super-clones prepared for war, trained flawlessly in combat skills, the ultimate super-soldier Killng Machine - veritable Berzerkers, but with discipline and direction.


Possibly the most altruistic purpose. The cultivation of organs for the treatment of patients awaiting transplants. No longer will there be a waiting list, but people in need may be treated immediately, thereby increasing lifespans and eliminating the medicinal prolongation of pain. Replacing failing or aging body parts with completely new tissue will cure many and most ailments, whatever illness may have damaged, a patient may veritably develop "a new lease on life", as it were.

The replacement of limbs for one lost by accident, disease, or war, utilizing the patient's very own DNA cell structure to perfect accomodation. Organs will not reject bodies.

Clones may be experimented upon to find cures for maladies - a taboo subject in medicinal circles. Also what is wished to be avoided is the fact that much knowledge of human anatomy was divulged from the experiments of one Josef Mengele... Now, there need not be the ethical problems associated with this issue, which, like it or not, have been thusfar based upon blindlight principles / influences, where the protests are moralistic, religiously-based, rather than ethics, which are sucularly based upon reason.

Cloning Children for Infertile Couples

Those unfortunate who, for one reason opr another, cannot reproduce, can have their genes perfectly cultivated directly from their own systems, as good as having given birth themselves, and is more reliable than the process of artificial ensemination., which carries a high unsuccess rate. May also prove beneficial for homosexual couples whio can finally raise a child without outside interference with a human incubator, and entirely of their own spawning. {DNA mixed from both spouses}.


Another intriguing option may be the prolongation of life by the alleviation of a worn body, by the tranplantation of a brain into a physically superior version of the former physique, of whatever gender. The veritable replication of a mind such as LaVey's or Einstein's, placing it in a body likened an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jayne Mansfield; or just recreating the individual as they were, sans any health issues there may have been whatsoever, with a revitalized body.


The clone's constitution may be further improved beyond human limitations with the intigration of bionic parts, to improve endurance, strength, dexterity, accuity, intelligence {primarily analytical}; thus becoming virtually invincible. Taking the higher man to an even higher level.

Chances are high that the clone, like androids, will prove to be more efficient and perhaps even more interesting, and probably more attractive than the drones of the herd, which mayhaps can serve as inspirational role-models to the common slob.

They will be physically superior than the average drone, and may provide ideal vessels for the re-animated minds of historically-prominant figures.

[Originally published in The Devil's Diary Volume III, Walpurgisnacht XXXVII A.S.]

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