DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Haunt X

The Black Earth

Haunt X

Beneath overcast skies, a most entertaining time was had here on the 18th, if just for the atmosphere, the costumes, the dark beauty as well as the gore, thus preserving and accentuating the Halloween 'spirit' - had a chance to chat with and meet several interesting people in the genre, which may prove valuable for certain project ventures, and saw some previews.

Returning to The Lair was equally as dramatic, as we were greeted by a delightful lightning display flashing in the local mountains towards the North, which just capped off a truly mysterious and enchanting evening perfectly. ∞

9 AM -5 PM Seminars/Workshops  all day, Upstairs La Jolla and Carmel Classrooms [X]
10 AM - 5 PM Gothic Atrocity Museum of Horror and Sci-Fi Santa Monica B Ball Room [X]
10 AM - 5 PM Registration International Ball Room
10 AM - 11 PM VIP FREAK PREVIEW Celebrity Hour, Pacific Ballroom [X]
10 AM - 5 PM Showfloor Open. International Room
11 AM – 5 PM Celebrity Room Open, Pacific Ballroom [X]
10 PM - 5 PM Horror Highlights Mini Cinema, Upstairs Marina Room [X]
10 AM - 5 PM Showfloor / Celebrity Rooms Open. International and Pacific Rooms [X]
6 PM - 8 PM Haunt X CHALLENGE, Upstairs La Jolla Ball Room [X]
8 PM - 12 AM Haunt X Awards Pageant, Upstairs La Jolla Ball Room [X]

Tags: adventure, autobiography, black earth, dracumentary, travel

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