DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Candlemas Eve

Black Heart Poetry: Allegory

Basilisk Arising

I. I stir as a great Black Dragon, in the steams of this great cavern-lair, the earth beneath Me cracking & quaking as I step. My great wings folded about Me as a black cape, My eyes resonant, pulsating with Infernal Light. My mighty jaws clench with tusk-like fangs, dripping with venom, & the blood of My prey.

II. I turn My fearsome head upwards, horns arching into the crying sky, the crimson droplets cascading along My crimson scales, as enormous muscles flex upon the behemoth-beast. My nightmarish roar shakes the great oaks, inflicting the mortal fear of impending doom unto the puny hearts of every breathing creature, as they gasp in terror. My serpantine tongue slides out to lick the taste of flesh & carrion I have devoured.

III. I see above Me the souls of those whom I have consumed, flailing madly in the hazy air. At once, the ancient Pentagram upon My thick brow emminates lustre, resonating upon those poor wraiths, thus entrapping them within its five points.

IV. I arch My back, tail writhing, wings spread wide, I launch My mammoth form into the thundering sky, gliding as a monster-daemon through the black mists of the darkness, & across the glowing face of the moon.

V. I turn My massive head downards, upon a helpless population, listening for the cries & supplications of My spawn, emparting My hellish blessings upon them. filling their black hearts with My evilove.

VI. From cavernous bowels of the Underworld was I born - & on that fearful, magical night, I heard the gods cry, for their slayer hath been conceived. The megalithic nocturnal One made flesh...

VII. Woe unto thee, O earth, sea, & heavens, the Dark Prophesy shall be fulfilled, the omens fortell visions yet to come...

Tags: birthday, candlemass eve, holidays, poetry

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