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Bred to be your enemy...

Malefik Musick

Bred To Be Your Enemy
{XLI A.S. Genre: Death Metal. Bass/Vocals: Zoth Ommog, Leo Bakman: Guitars, Drums/Vocals: Gabe Madsen, Guitars/Vocals: Sam Lara}

Track List: 1. Bred To Be Your Enemy 2. Box Cutter Butcher 3. Decimation of My Foes 4. Mind Prison 5. Divine Corrosion 6. Crucified 7. Of All Truth Seeking Whores 8. Sewer Crypt 9. Death March

GrotesqueUphoriaIn the visual style of The Grande Guignol, GrotesqueUphoria brings forth a relentless sonic slaughter with infernal vocalizations by Church of Satan member Zoth Ommog, aside with Madsen, & Lara - to form a veritable chaotic chorus of some of the most bestially-demonic voices in the genre, combined with these sinisterly intricate compositions, manifesting a hellish nightmare not for the faint of heart.

GrotesqueUphoria is one of the select few Death Metal bands who can actually boast a genuine Satanist in its line-up, which seems to add a certain unique diabolic element to whatever endeavor it happens to be, and it can certainly be felt.

Lyrics tend towards the brutally-realistic, from social commentary on hypocrisy, misanthropic contemplation, to gore, and religious scrutiny, created in a horror-psychodrama style. Of particular note, "Death March", written and performed by Zoth, offers morbid martial instrumentation with audio clips featuring news reports on crime in the world.

GrotesqueUphoria recently played two songs on Fangoria Radio, hosted by an impressed Dee Snider {segments available on their site}, causing a discernable reflection by the Metal legend, and that is rare indeed.

For those who listen to Death Metal, GrotesqueUphoria represents the optimum in this musickal genre, and are destined to make their devil's mark.

{Complimentary CD courtesy of GrotesqueUphoria}

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