DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Haunted Forest

Black Heart Poetry / The Black Earth

The Haunted / Enchanted Forest

Based on an actual location in the haunted Pasadena / Altadena hills just beyond "suicide bridge"* on the premisis of 'Cobb Estate'. A unlikely nook reveals the ruins of a black iron gate, seemingly out of place, set in a crumbling wall which leads into the shadowy wilderness beyond. An abandoned asylum {which can be located by following unused rusted train tracks}, and a mansion {said to have been owned by The Marx Brothers} reside therein.

As to be expected of wilderness environments, rumors and urban mythology have developed, granting it a nefarious reputation including ghosts, orbs, being touched by invisible hands, some have claimed to have been tripped, the feeling of being watched and pursued, and the sounds of screaming children have been allegedly heard. The occasional howls of local coyotes also adds to its mysterious allure.

Of the times I have visited, I found quite a pleasant spot underneath a huge and gnarled tree which has grown over some broken cement structure, nearby an erect stone edifice resembling a monolith. From that vantage point, one may overlook the city lights in the distance. It has also been known to be a spot of salacious entertainment.

Route 666* Colorado Street "Suicide Bridge": Aesthetically beautiful "old world" architecture, ornamented stone railings, columns and archways, complete with lamp posts emitting eerie sepia lighting.

Since December 13th, 1913 c.e., this bridge located as part of 'Route "666"', has been the sight of over 100 documented suicides. It is claimed that on certain nights, one can sometimes perceive a ghostly couple in the midst of a deadly argument. Other accounts relate that they are dancing together, with a small child holding a stuffed toy nearby. Another tale tells of a ghosty lady walking over the edge of the bridge, and yet another story relates a phantom vehicle plunging over the side.

Tags: black earth, poetry, travel

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