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Devils in the Details for Bugbee and Zane

Nefarious News: Erotica

Devils in the Details for Bugbee and Zane
By: Mike Albo

The Witches' SabbathLAS VEGAS - Sometimes, you just need to shake things up. Other times, you just need to drop a hydrogen bomb. Enter Shane Bugbee and Matt Zane and their upcoming release The Witches Sabbath from Extreme Associates.

As the title makes clear, there’s a witchy, heavy vibe to this work and director Bugbee has some solid credentials in the Church of Satan. As he said, “I’m the last priest brought into the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey. And I do embrace the philosophy of Satanism.”

And what is that philosophy? Bugbee explained, “You are your own god. You control your own future. We don’t believe in a Satan. We just believe in ourselves. And if someone gets in your way, you smash them. It’s an atheistic philosophy. We believe in vengeance, pleasures of the flesh, we don’t believe in sin or evil.”

Asked about his upcoming movie, Bugbee said, “I’m really excited about it. I’ve wanted to do satanic porn for the last 10 years. I always wondered why it hadn’t been done. I was always told that mixing Satanism with porn was one of the golden taboos. I was like ‘You’re fucking kidding me.’”

According to Bugbee, the vibe on set during shooting was unusual. “We had people leave during the first night of filming,” he said. “The Zanes themselves said they had never seen so many weird things happen on a set in their life. We had girls walk off the set. Their boyfriends came to get them and wanted to beat me up. And it’s really just a simple thing, but the imagery—the upside down cross, Baphomet, the blood and the skulls—really tripped people out.”

The Witches' Sabbath

Matt Zane, who has returned to the adult industry for this project, explained “I’ve been out of porn for a long time now. When I was doing what I doing in the business in the mid-‘90s, it was a new synthesis with music, counter-culture and porn. And I came back and see this thing called alt-porn and it’s taken off in many directions. In my career, I’ve always been more concerned with creating something new rather than just making money. What I saw here with Shane was an opportunity to, once again, be a part of something that was 100 percent brand-new.”

And that’s for damned sure...eternally damned.

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