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Kitten Born With 2 Faces

Kitten Born With 2 Faces

A kitten has been born with two faces and veterinarians don't understand why.

The kitten was born Wednesday morning in Ohio. It has two mouths that meow in unison, two noses and four eyes that have not opened yet.

The little boy who owns the cat said he hasn't decided on a name for the kitten yet, but said he wants to name it Tiger.

{I vote for Janus! ~ DB.}

Two other kittens were in the same litter, but they are normal.

Veterinarians say this occurrence is very rare, but the kitten could be just fine. It has already begun nursing just like the other kittens in the litter.

Two-Faced Kitten Missing From Home

GROVE CITY, OHIO -- A kitten that was born with two faces has gone missing from its central Ohio home.

The kitten, that was born with two sets of eyes, two noses and two mouths, was born in Grove City last week. The animal had a scheduled appointment with a veterinarian the afternoon of July 15, but the family could not find the kitten that morning.

A family member said that a door at the home had been unlocked, making it possible that someone stole the rare feline.

Another two-faced feline:

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