Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

On the "New Year"...


The Reality of the "New Year" for the herd

Amongst the noise and streamers, the champaign and alcohol induced drunkenness, and the presumptions of resolutions, the sad truth is that January 1st is just another day, like the previous, and shall be tomorrow, until the day they die. While significant events are experienced on a personal level, resolutions are quickly abandoned, and the same habits and routines return, many times with more frequency, further ingraining the herdling as a loser. It is just another excuse to intoxicate the mind with dreamy notions of change, make-believe, when no true change is evident, only in the switch of chronological numerage on the calendar to mark another series of pointless mediocrities.

False notions of "progress" propagated into another set of zombified routines, always working for someone else, where the cage becomes a small bit larger. It is a therapeutic practice to alleviate the herd from its programmed and boring existence, where others provide them with a semblence of erstwhile "meaning", while living in their shadows, who themselves live in someone else's.

The common man does need ritual of one sort or another to mark socially-significant events, but this is largely done in a secular sense, with any religious connotation done through habit, and devoid of actualized meaning.

Suicides and even homicides rise in this holiday period, and Darwinian Law becomes even more apparent. To those who have taken a hand to themselves, either purposefully or by enebriated stupidity, are to be commended for their charitable contribution to the race, while criminals may be incarcerated and executed for our tax-payed amusement.

This is the reality of natural selection, and how it operates in the populace.

A Timeless Existence...

The true individual shapes life and existence according to one's own vision, creating one's own reality while manipulating the outer world's. A micro to macrocosmic recognition and application by the almighty imagination. If the herd serve your purposes, and can facillitate one's own selfish desires, then so much the better, as this would essentially be the wolf in sheep's clothing who preys upon the lower life form to preserve a superior sustainance. Other evolved individualists can be recognized and incorperated into cooperative efforts, like a team of wolves feasting on prey.

The Satanist exists in a twilight world of timelessness... past, present and future at once according to aesthetic and environmental preference. The calendar is a necessity, if only in the sense of marking said personally-significant events.

The superior man utilizes ritual and ceremony as an infernal tool of evolution, where resolutions are made with the self in the name of Satan, as we embody the principle of self-mastery, setting patterns in the ether unto materialization, and strive to manifest our desires in the world, one way or another.

Tags: essays, holidays, misanthropy, new year, social observation

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