Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

a holiday conversation...

Guano Corp.

A recent conversation between two employees overheard at the last holiday Guano Corp. shindig, trying to make sense of xmas mythology...

"Okay, so how does the story go?"

"Santa Claus comes down from the sky on his sleigh like a stork and lays the baby jesus in the manger."

"Oh, so that would explain the star shining overhead, and Mary still being a virgin."

"I don't know about that - after all, jesus does grow a beard, and goes flying up into the sky..."

"So Santa is the culprit! No wonder there is so much contention. Doesn't he have a pet rabbit who lays eggs?"

"Yes, those so-called "chocolate eggs" are not quite chocolate, you know."

"Brilliant! Guano eggs!"

Coming to a store near you...

Tags: comedy, loki's laughter, mr. slithersworth, snake

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