Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

New Books!

Satan Claus has brought forth... new books! And other delights. This list comprises some of the gifts distributed for the Winter Solstice and Krampus:

'The Most Evil Men & Women in History' by Miranda Twiss

The Most Evil Men & Women in History by Miranda Twiss
Caligula: "the schizophrenic emperor".
Nero: "fifth emperor of Rome.
Atilla The Hun: the "Storm from The East".
King John: "the cruel and ruthless monarch".
Torquemada: "the Spanish Inquisitor".
Prince Vlad Dracula: "the Impaler".
Francisco Pizarro: "conqueror of the Incas".
'Bloody' Mary I: "a Catholic Queen in a Protestant country".
Ivan IV 'The Terrible': "Tsar of all the Russias".
Elizabeth, Countess Bathory: "Countess Bathory".
Rasputin: The "Mad Monk" who brought down a dynasty".
Josef Stalin: "a twentieth century tyrant".
Adolf Hitler: "father of the 'Final Solution".
Ilse Koch: the "Bitch of Buchenwald".
Pol Pot: "Architect of genocide".
Idi Amin: "the 'Butcher of East Africa".

I Am pleased to say that I have been long familiar with all of these infamous historical characters, when I would go off to the library and read books on their legacies. I particularly enjoyed the "Crime & Punishment: Encyclopedia of Aberrent Behavior" series. These personages have various admirable and not so admirable traits, which prodded the populace onto evilution and change. Whatever the case, they remain fascinating characters which are always amusing to contemplate. Amongst these "old world" mentions, I would also liked to have seen Hernan Cortes included, conqueror of the Aztecs and Mayans.

The Art of War' by Sun Tzu'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu [The Modern Chinese Interpretation]: I was pleased to repossess this tome, which had become misplaced. I first read it on a recommendation from a Sensei as a Dracling. I have found it to be a worthwhile tome which can be applied to a wide variety of situations, and does actually contribute to one's mental fortitude, offering a glimpse into the warrior ethos.

Hell House by Alison Rattle & Allison Vale'Hell House, & Other True Hauntings From Around The World' [compiled] by Alison Rattle & Allison Vale: Always enjoyable fare for those rainy afternoons and evenings. What is also notable about this tome is the sheer quality and imagination that went into the binding and cover. Engraved design with actual red 'gems' for eyes in the sockets of the skull. Splendid.

The Samurai: The Philosophy of Victory'The Samurai: The Philosophy of Victory' [compiled] by Robert T. Samuel: Magnificent Japanese Martial 'Art' fills this text with spectacular paintings, historical relations of Samurai history, with much of the 'philosophy' stemming from proverbs and military warriors' quotes.

The Egyptian Book of The DeadThe Egyptian Book of The Dead: A compendium of intriguing mythology and occult spells intended to guide those 'beyond the grave', as well as an explanation of the pyramids' mazes of prognostication, various gods' attributes, and beautiful artistry from cover to cover. The cover itself features a very elegant 'grimoire'-like quality with its black on black heiroglyphs, and scarab beetle {symbol of immortality} complete with phosphoprescent red 'gem'. Great for reference material, and a must for the Occultphile's library.

Imagine the excitement of receiving the Darth Vader helmet and face used in the actual film, originally owned by a relative's relative who happens to work closely with the prop masters, which was originally destined to be discarded until it was mentioned that I have quite an affinity with this villainous character, and is in fact an 'A.C.I.' {Aesthetic Crystallization Inertia} of mine. Now it graces the Office area for inspiration and amusement. Hail The Dark Side.


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