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Orphans confess to worshipping devil

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Orphans confess to worshipping devil
Bulawayo Bureau

WHILE prayer draws most people closer to God, it is a torment for four orphaned children from Bulawayo’s Mpopoma suburb, who recently confessed to be devil worshippers.

In heart-rending stories, family members and the children aged between five and 13, on Saturday spoke about how they were drawn into a Satanic sect and made to drink blood and eat human flesh.

The children related how their late mother initiated them into the mysterious sect. The children’s aunt said she noticed that the children were behaving strangely after prayer sessions.

"I only discovered the children’s problem after questioning one of them on their strange behaviour after praying. What prompted me to ask them was a noise that was made by one of the girls Dudu (not her real name) as we were praying one day.

"After praying that night, I decided to call one of them to explain what was happening since he seemed more open and that is when he told me what was happening," she said.

The aunt later approached Dudu and she opened up to her.

"She confessed that the prayers made them feel uncomfortably hot and they had been sent on a mission to kill her (aunt’s) family."

She said she had been advised to approach the Victim Friendly Unit at Western Commonage Police Station.

The aunt said she went to the Victim Friendly Unit and was asked to return in the evening as the person who was supposed to handle her case was not on duty.

The aunt said she was shocked by the child’s story and decided to question the other children one at a time and all had similar tales.

"After I had talked to the boy, I decided to call the elder sister who was reluctant to talk at first but after sometime decided to open up and told me what was happening.

"I was finally convinced and at the same time heartbroken when the last born, who is only five years old, told me the same thing," the aunt said.

She claimed that the children had laced her food with poison and only told her what they had done when she fell ill and had to seek medical attention.

"Just this week, I had to be treated at the clinic for food poisoning. The children told me that they had poisoned my food when they saw that I was seriously ill," she said.

The aunt asked some neighbours and church members to come and listen to the children’s testimony.

The children were reluctant to talk at first but when they were assured that the people present wanted to help them, they began to speak out.

Dudu related how she was made "queen of the water world" after going through all the gruesome ordeals to prove her loyalty to the sect.

"I was initiated into Satanism at a very tender age . . . I must have been around six years old," she said.

Dudu, who is eight, claimed that her younger sister had not been initiated as she was young and that the sect members wanted her to turn six before she could be allowed in.

"One only qualifies to go under water after completing all the evil one can think of and since I managed to carry out all the orders, I was successful. I don’t want to be part of them anymore, I want to be like other children of my age but I am scared that I will be killed," she said.

Dudu said they had been made to eat human flesh and drink human blood several times and had killed a number of people but had lost count.

Another child also went on to elaborate how they were collected every night by their grandmother and their aunt to visit their late father.

She also related how on several occasions they had met their late father.

"Ever since our mother died our grandmother and aunt collect us. They sneak through a tiny sitting room window into the house when everyone is asleep."

The child also revealed that there was a fire that surrounded their house and that the fire had burnt their mother.

"Our mother was burnt by the fire that surrounds this house and one of our aunts. The two died because of the burns they sustained," she said.

She claimed that an unidentified black animal transported them.

After the children had related their tales, their paternal grandmother wept bitterly and said what hurt her most was that her son was being used to draw his children into Satanism.

"These children have been made to believe that their father is alive and that the devil gives life that is why they have become so drawn into it," she said.

What happened here is a combination of the culture misunderstanding the origin of some of its own indigenous practices, such as Voodoo and Palo Mayombe, and the source of the report, which are christians who consider anything besides their particular world-view as "satanic", no matter how harmless. Seems that the rest of the world is barely becoming engaged in "the satanic panic" as missionaries spread their paranoia to foreign lands, and realize that the gimmick worked in the states for awhile. The truly sad thing is that the superstition does cause pain for families who are actually victims of hypnotizing christian the-rapists who project their own fetishistic bloody fantasies onto their "patients" {victims}, resulting in the indoctrination of native people who assent to it for first aid and food, but frequently end up believing the blindlight foolosophy, even intigrating it into their pagan practices.

* Please see This link.

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