Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Winter Solstice XLI

Winter Solstice XLI

The Frost returns on this darkest of nights, and warmth is gathered by the Devil's flame. Outside the window, resounds howling wind and hellhounds, sleet and snow and rain, while within The Lair eyes are aglow in wide wonder as pandora's box is opened, releasing the delightful mysteries within. Wishes are cast up in the Yule fire as musical evocations are adrift with incense charm.

The brood gathers to indulge in feastivities, spawned back from ancient traditions as we focus on The Source. Rich confections and philtres are brought forth on silver platters to please the Kings and Queens of The Lair.

Gather 'round The Krampus Tree decorated in diabolic delight, with spiders and bats and snakes and skulls, dancing devils, demon heads and pentagrams. Nine candles represent the seven 'sins' of carnal joy, and two for Satan and The Self.

We formally hail indulgence in all forms we enjoy for mutual gratification this night, and partake in our newly-found acquisitions in pleasure and passion!

Hail Mammon! Hail Krampus! Hail Satan!

In Nomine Satanas,
Draconis Blackthorne
Warlock, Church of Satan
Winter Solstice, XLI Anno Satanas

Tags: holidays

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