DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Anton LaVey Tribute CD! [repost]

The Black House: A Tribute to Anton Szandor LaVey

From RazorDog, Dec 18 2006:

Anton Szandor LaVey"I am happy to officially announce you the Anton LaVey's tribute cd. After 2 years, I kept it mind that this was something which should be absolutely done, and finally, it is ! The cd will be released very soon.

These are the participants. I am sorry for other ones who wished to participate, but if I had said yes to everyone, this would have been a triple cd !

- Magus Gilmore.
- Magister Svengali and Magister Lang.
- Lerue Delashay.
- The Quintessentials.
- Sonny.
- Emage Diakon.
- Biomechanik.
- Vern.
- RazorDog.
- Rev. Harris.

Maybe one band will join the project too, but this is a surprise...

The booklet is done by Melanie Laetitia Mantis, and the cd will contain a bonus.

Many thanks to Magus Gilmore to have given me the authorizations, Magisters and other participants. A tribute cd had to be done finally, It's alive !

Hail magic !"

Tags: lavey, malefik musick

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