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Black Aria II {review}

Malefik Musick

Black Aria II
{XLI A.S. Produced & composed by Glenn Danzig. Female vocals by Tania Themen. Cover painting by Bill Sienkiewicz}

This is precisely atmospheric music for an eerie embience. Haunting instrumentations go floating into the atmosphere with an etheric grace, manifesting the phantasmagoric muse from antiquity's thrall. A memorable melody underlies the opus throughout, beginning with 'Overture: Winged Night Demon'.

Black Aria II has a very Egyptian/Middle-eastern feel to it, almost 'Necronomicon'-like, wherein one can picture spiraling pillars in some temple of flesh, flickering torch-light upon sinfully hypnotizing contortions, hidden away in ancient wind-blown dunes, where unspeakable horrors emerge from abyssal archways to embrace and consume.

'Unclean Sephira' features a very Diamanda Galas-like voice beckoning the listener to invigorating terrors; 'Bridal Ceremony of The Lilitu' is definitely the gem of the opus, where the strains of the organ blast forth only to give way to a regally demonic procession in all of its unholy splendor. Immediately blending into a spectral dance, both compelling and repulsive; 'Shiddin' unleashes the beast across the sands of time, where shadowy warriors take upon black stallions with sabres, and strange creatures rise from spilled blood from crevasses to devour mortality. 'Zemaragad' employs the theremin to create that quintessential spooky sound for delightful chills and evocative thrills. 'Abandonment/Recreation' lends an impression of generating dark forces by chanting echoes from a fathomless pit; Beware the 'Lamia' who will draw your life with a kiss - the music presents a conjuration nicely.

Black Aria II definitely delivers that enthralling darkness we find so pleasant, where visions are projected from deep within the subconscious painting the black canvas with wickedly captivating forms of wonderfully ghoulish fear and lust.

According to mindset, this opus is quite different from the first, which musically illustrated Milton's epic Paradise Lost. Black Aria II definitely accomplishes its particular theme thuroughly. Bring on the succubi...



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