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Malefik Musick Compendium additions...

Malefik Musick

From The Archives...
Ol Sonuf

Ol SonufI received this CD in the mail today, and I must say, that there is an enormous amount of talent herein, and expect great evolutions with this artist. The Dark Classical orchestrations are splendidly enmeshed with brilliant guitar work and overall Black Metal amalgamations. No vocals, which allows one to soar with one's unlimited imagination. I have often detected the correlations between Classical music and much of the Metal compositions, but this opus really brings the two out in tandum to provide an aristocratic and mystical feel. And for a one-man band who names itself after a line in The First Enochian Key, I consider this a worthy musickal personafication thereof.

{Complimentry CD from Jason Wood}

Imago Mortis
Vida: The Play of Change

Imago Mortis
Imago Mortis {"Image of Death"} emerges from Brazil, which to Me sounds like across between Candlemass, Type O Negative, and Sepultura. Operatic, heavy, power grinding at times, and a faster pace at others resembling Iron Maiden.

Themes range from the romantic to the tragic, the melancholy to the morbid. At times, one thinks one is listening to Messiah Marcolin's vocals, and at others, an almost Geoff Tate impression echoes in the chamber of the mind. I was particularly impressed by 'The Silent King', 'Unchained Promethius', and 'Long River'.

The aesthetic presentation of the CD cover is splendid with a spectral collage blending into one another as if from the dark subconcious.

Piano solos, pathos-inducing ballads, haunting keyboards, sound effects to accentuate the storylines, all merge together as one in a veritable eclectic opus of sonic gratification. If there is some sort of catagory for Gothic-Metal-classical compositions, Imago Mortis would fit perfectly.

{CD compliments of Satanya}

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