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Caught nude inside church

Caught nude inside church

AWL: Five youths were caught filming nude inside a non-functional United Pentecostal Church (UPC) on the outskirts of Aizawl, a Christian majority town, on Tuesday.

They told a church elder that there were shooting a satanic scene for a video film when he challenged them. This incident comes only a week after one of Aizawl's local weekly magazines published an article on the prevalence of Satan worship among Mizo youths.

"At 4.00 p.m., I heard some noise from inside the church. I smelled a rat since it was long closed owing to a pending case. I found the boys busy filming. A youth, cast as a Satan worshipper, was at the altar. He was naked with his face and body painted in red," Upa Zelthuama, the church elder, said. People from the neighbourhood rushed in and caught them.

They questioned the youth and set them free only after seizing their video cameras as evidences. "They told us that they were in the act of filming an anti-satanic film and they wanted to denounce the practice," Zelthuama added. "Their body paint looked like blood."

"We had a meeting today on this issue. We are taking this case seriously," R Lalthanzuala, UPC district secretary, said.

"The reel which we took from them is full of obscene clips, some depicting satanic worshippers inducting new members in ceremonial parades," he added.

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