Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Mongolian BBQ & Garduno's Taco King...

Emperor Mongolian Barbeque

Absolutely luscious cuisine I have had the pleasure of indulging in many-a-time. The first course consists of egg-drop soup which I absolutely adore - I usually have at least two and sometimes three of these. This day I ordered a combination plate, which one has the fortune to actually observe being prepared with the culinary expertise of the resident chef who spreads your noodles and additional contents {spices, vegetables, etc} onto a large wok-like skillet with flames leaping about, licking around the edges, and is finally brought about to the table after one has concluded {for the time being} with one's egg-drop soup.

This is particularly enjoyable to Me, considering that I have been partially raised in oriental culture, submerged in Martial Arts, so the evocations always fly when I dine in an Asian-oriented establishment.

Rating: 4/5. Loses a point for the mild rudeness of one of the attendees.

Hail Dorje Shugden!

Garduno's Taco King

With three locations in the Southern California area, I have to remark that this is to Me the absolute best in Mexican food. My favorite to order here is always the 'wet' King Burrito {Chili Relleno or Machaca}, which just means that they cover the foot-long burrito in a plethora of sauce and cheese, and bring it to the table; although they do not prepare 'wet' King Burritos to go, just ordinary ones, for it would be far too messy in the car; I have been frequenting this establishment for several years, ever since I initially discovered this culinary treasure which was only a block down the street from the former Noctuary, where, always in the wee hours from between midnight and 5 am, I would enjoy a meal with a companion, and other times, just order their bag of chips special, which consisted of a large bag of tortilla chips with many little containers of their unique and irreplaceable salsa, and enjoy a movie or My "Satan tape", which consists of Speak of The Devil, Satanis, Exposing Satan's Underground, with various interviews with Satanists through the talk-show circuit. including Magister Rex Diabolos Church on The Montel Williams Show, Karla LaVey on the Ron Reagan Show, "un-daughter" Zeena {then-LaVey} on a morning show, Sgt. Randy Emon on Pace Setters and Inside Edition {featuring artwork and anecdotal relations by and about yours cruelly}, and others. And there were many instances when I just felt like an ice-cold strawberry-vanilla shake at 3 in the darkness.

Also available on the menu if you are so inclined, are "cesos" {brains}, "lengua" {tongue}, and a variation of "tripas" {intestines, usually prepared with menudo, which I also call "gut-soup"}. Experiencing Garduno's is like immersing oneself in the ancient Aztec Indian culture and subsequent Spanish intigration.

Rating: 5/5 Goat skulls bobbing in the cauldron.

Tags: dining, food, restaurants

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