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A Taste of Meat...

Malefik Musick
Stabracadabra Productions

Smokey Deville: Taste of Meat

Smokey DevilleTrack List: 1. Unnerving Tranquility 2. Paper Mask 3. Siknes: Delirium Tremens remix 4. Insomnia

Atmospheric Dance/Trance/Industrial mood musick conducive of relaxation and vice. What would possibly go very well in the background of a sinemaerotica presentation, and/or accentuating the "sin" of the carnal indulgence in The Lair.

* Unnerving Tranquility

Rolls of thunder and sinister laughter with a mellow tune places one on a placid rainy night with droplets cascading along the window paine, seated comfortably upon that chair in the den by the fireplace, or witnessing and/or participating in sublime debauchery at a contemplative pace.

* Paper Mask

A steely sadistic feel from this song, as if inunciated by a cyborg in some futuristic dungeon.

* Siknes: Delirium Tremens remix

Dancable serpantine reverberations, in which one can picture gracefully undulating beauties in a smoke-filled underground chamber amidst multi-colored laser pulses strobing and beaming through the darkness.

* Insomnia

A trans-muted lustful beat vibrates heavily, shifting and pounding as if through an intoxicating ecstatic state, hypnotically overlooping one upon another. Warning: played forcefully enough, it may cause disorientation and a loss of inhibition upon an audience. Recommended.

My personal thanks and apreciation to Mr. Deville for this complimentary copy. Hail Satan!

Tags: discography, malefik musick

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