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Blood of The Dragon

Malefik Musick

Nox Arcana: Blood of The Dragon
Nox Arcana
Blood of The Dragon

The theme of this invigorating Classical / Mideival opus is that of Fantasy-Action-Adventure, with music reminiscent of Highlander at some points, with a distinct Dungeons & Dragons flavor. A veritable soundtrack to warrior escapades into realms of myth and legend, dragons and knights, misty lochs, Sorcerers and maidens fair. Great musick to plunge the depths of the imagination to accompany many mental adventures, with narrations from a veritable "Over Watcher" leads you into places only dreamed of in dark lore fane, as well as actual sung vocals on one track.

* Track List:

1. Ancient Legacy 2. The Quest Begins 3. Citadel of Secrets 4. Sorcerer 5. Treasure of the Four Crowns 6. Highland Storm 7. Mist Loch 8. Underworld 9. The Mystic's Keep 10. Stygian Depths 11. Legions of Darkness 12. Steeds of Thunder 13. Rogue's Hollow 14. Warrior's Dawn 15. The Siege 16. Dragon Riders 17. Flame Tongue 18. Defenders of the Realm 19. Chamber of the Immortals 20. Blood of the Dragon 21. Eternal Champions

The Ancient Legacy beckons The Mighty as The Quest Begins. The Citadel of Secrets awaits your entrance, towering from knotted vines and black iron gates. Can you translate the ancient runes encribed on yellowed scrolls to lead you to the next great discovery? Deep within the lambent temple dim by flickering torch flame, consult The Sorcerer to find the Treasure of The Four Crowns, where your journey twists along dark paths amidst the Highland Storm unto the enchanting Mist Loch where many mysteries dwell, transmutating fog swirls about you revealing ghostly forms and phantom faces; a gateway to the Underworld opens beyond The Mystic's Keep, leading down through the Stygian Depths where the Legions of Darkness await. Hellfires leap from below with vengeful demonic cries, whose denizens shall soon pillage the land. Steeds of Thunder shake the heavens and quake the earth in their terrible wrath as baneful spectres emerge with eyes aglow in infernal light.

Rogue's Hollow there dwells shrouded in a haze of ancient spell as the Warrior's Dawn glows red, an omen of what is to come. With hearts pounding, The Siege yields Dragon Riders sillhouetted upon the horizon, as the fearsome Flame Tongue spreads across the bloodied land. Defenders of The Realm rise up to battle these shadowy phantoms with warcries echoing through the ages. Within the marble-laden Chamber of The Immortals, the living gods are present, and with the Blood of The Dragon, hail the Eternal Champions evermore.

As usual, the actual CD and booklet are splendidly elegant, filled with marvellous artwork {including a topographical map of Draconia}, and accentuating storylines.

Dare you step through the arcane portal into fabled dangerous dimensions to face nightmarish creatures and bewitching beings who rise up from the Stygian depths? Can you solve the riddle and survive to become part of the legend, or perish where many mighty have fallen...


I was pleased to receive an autographed CD and poster with My copy, and the sentiment is mutual.

Tags: discography, malefik musick

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