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On Apportation...

Greater Magic

On Apportation...
By Draconis Blackthorne

The problem if mis-splacing objects can sometimes happen to the best of us, no matter the extent of organization implemented. First off, it would be a good idea to regularly place certain necessary and valued possessions in a location familiar to one, that one knows one can depend on them being there when saught. Mis-placing an object can bring frustration for the seeker, especially those things of sentimental value {jewelry, personal artifacts, photos, etc.}, and/or objects needed for self-preservation, such as keys, money, articles of clothing, glasses, etc.

Your frequented locations may form into parallel dimensions as directly pertinent to The Self, which is why sometimes objects may re-appear in another part of the house, the automobile, or business areas.

The following suggestions have been known to work, applying both practical and symbolic exercises to focus and materialize the Will. The repossession may occur at any point herein:

1. First of all, one must BELIEVE that apportation is possible. In other words, suspend disbelief.

2. Still yourself. Recall where you may have left it last, where you were, in essence, place yourself in that situation again. Go to that location if possible, and search diligently; if others were present who are still there, ask around if anyone saw anything.

Emotional energy {The Key} must be expended in the search with full exasperation expressed, which may actually yield the object. You may also generate energy by weightlifting and exercising while concentrating on the object in question. This will stir the ether in your favor as you place content to the diabolical forces you manifest.

3. Meditative visualization is employed to 'see' the object again in one's possession, imagining one wearing it, using it, etc., inclusive of attaining an image of the object, if possible, and grasp it in your hand. One may even close your eyes and extend one's hands about the room, where you may feel a tingling or warming sensation upon a certain spot; ergo, "you're getting colder... or hotter!".

Utilize descriptive imagery most akin to your psychology, such as figuratively "speaking" to your personal image of Satan asking for the object to be returned and revealed, even picturing in your mind, demons handing it to you. When finished, utter "Hail Satan! So It Is Done!".

4. At this point, you should achieve a sense of confidence and relaxation. You may now either continue searching casually, which may surprisingly yield the object in a place you least expected; or just go about your usual business with complete assurence. Eventually, usually sooner rather than later, the object will veritably "appear" whether visually, tactily {you may place your hand upon it, as if it was deposited in your reach}, or sonically {a sudden and/or familiar sound where the object materialized, and more often than not, it shall be at the source of the noise}. Chances are that it will manifest in a frequented spot where you conduct most of your emotional expenditure.

5. When attained, rejoice! Hold it in your hand and thank The Forces of Darkness you conjured by emotion and mind, further infusing the object with your resonance. Now make sure you preserve the object in a secure location so that it may not be mis-placed again.

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