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Dance for The Devil!


Hail The Sabbath!
"Come to Me My witches... come to The Sabbath, and dance for Me! In return, receive The Blessings of Hell..."

Here the Lord of The Flesh brings you salacious pleasures for your lustful contemplation, where a gathering of witches unite with The Devil in revels of Sabbatic folklore. From near and far satyres and nymphs emerge in tumescent rapport, to undulate before His infernal gaze, smiling favorably as the dance of carnality unfolds... the tricks and treats are dispensed in feast and song! Pour the philtres by the fire, laugh and indulge! Take that which tempts and sin well! Strength through Joy!"

It is pleasing to see the increased proliferation of erotic costumes for this "unholy day", and devilish expressions overall, and so may this become an ardent tradition where imagination and passion compliment one another for mutual gratification!

Hail Halloween! Hail Lust! Hail The Libertine! Hail Satan!

L' Envoi: If you do not like the "Thriller" song, please excuse the music on this spectacle - you may wish to turn your speakers down.

Tags: halloween, sinemaerotica

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