DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Black Triangles

Cue Theremin: I actually did once see and once perceive such an object. Once, in the wee hours at The former Noctuary as I was walking in the wilderness back there breathing in the night - a shape in the black, and the only way that it was noticed was because its shape blocked the stars, otherwise, it could have just as easily been obfuscated, as it probably does more times than not. The other instance was when I was hiking in some nearby mountains again, at night, and this time, it was more heard than seen, yet it could still be perceived visually, although faintly, and it was misty as well. The resonance was actually more felt than heard, per se, as a low and deep vibration, like what LaVey called "black noise". It has been conjectured that these types would more or less be government made, ergo the similarity to the Stealth Bomber, whereas the saucer-types are extra-terrestrial in origin.

The Man in Black.

Tags: black earth, ufo

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