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The Omen 666


The Omen
{XLI A.S. Directed by John Moore. Starring Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick, Mia Farrow, Liev Shreiber, Julia Stiles, Giovanni Lombardo Radice}

In My opinion, as far as remakes go, this one stands on its own pretty well, with the exception of a couple of small variations which adds it own interesting twists, which relatively made it its own verson, instead of replicating the original identically. With very nice scenery {particularly the foggy lake}, camera angles, and current environments. Of note, there are 666's all over this film from addresses to even the wallpaper in Damien's room. The floor in the main foyer in the Thorn house had a three-dimensional effect.

It was also funny to note some of Damien's drawings on the wall, which included the hanged nanny and a black devil with his name scribbled thereon.

It is also interesting to note events which were tied in to 'prophesies', such as 9/11, the Louisiana tsunami, and the space-shuttle explosion, which were said to preceed the emergence of The Antichrist in Judeo-Christian mythology.

Great musical score as well.

Character comparisons:

* Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick makes for a great Damien, diabolically cute with deep blue eyes and a bit thinner than the original, but a great characterization nonetheless.

* Mia Farrow makes for a great Mrs. Balog, and the fact that she is a recognizable Rosemary Woodhouse made for a really amusing consideration and casting.

* Liev Shreiber as Mr. Thorn: Works relatively well. although a bit more subdued than the remarkable portrayal by Gregory Peck.

* Julia Stiles as Mrs. Thorn: Attractive, yet a bit too 'modelesque', and child-like. Which is understandable, considering it was Mia Farrow who recommended her for the role.

* Bugenheigen is given a briefly minimal role, with the Megiddo daggers not as artistic in design as the originals, which are crucifixes, whereas these are stylized crosses with the "I'm Nailed Right In" acronym on the hilt.

* The hellhounds were exceptional, beautiful canines all.

Notable scene differences:

* The Zoo: this film displays an indoor zoo, where a gorilla almost breaks through his glass enclosure.

* Decapitation scene: Instead of a shard of glass, a metal railing comes loose, swings topsy-turvy, and provides for a graphic scene worthy of the original.

* Of note, the priest impalement scene is impressive, with a bit more gore added.

* Nanny Hanging Suicide: She does not crash through the window, but instead thuds against the wall, with her fallen shoe providing the shattering glass element.

* The Graveyard scene: A huge inverted cross thrust into the earth, essentially creating a dominant mass effect.

Overall, a 'modernized' variation not quite comparable to the original, but again, a stand out remake well done.


Also on this DVD, the Revelation 666 presentation featuring Reverend Moore, Behind-the-scenes footage, making-of featurettes of the film and the score, director and cast commentary.

I also had the opportunity to pick up the "The Complete Omen Collection (The Omen - 1976/ The Omen - 2006/ Damien: The Omen II/ The Omen III: The Final Conflict/ The Omen IV: The Awakening)", which is very pleasing - I have the VHS 1-4 collection, but now having all these wonderful extras on DVD is a tremendous acquisition, and shall be appreciated often.

As tends to be the case with these films, I see remarkable similarities between Myself and the fictional character of Damien Thorn - all these little nuances and synhronicities which seem to add up to a large question mark. Having spent some of My Draclinghood in Italy, being 'baptised' at The Vatican {even though I repeatedly snuffed out the candle, which I would later use for My own Satanic Baptism, and it went up like a torch!}, thrashed around, etc. Similar clothing {the pre-school uniform which resembles a little suit}, attitude and features, the propensity towards diabolical artistic expression from literature to art to films and later, even music. Of course, the so-called 'Anti-christ' is a mythological bogeyman, but I have been compared to this character nonetheless from time to time, by friends and even relatives, which I find quite amusing.

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