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Halloween XLI

Have a truly Infernal Helloween!

Halloween XLI

The clouds darken the skies as Satan-Lucifer looms about the land in cumulus formation, overseeing denizens of ghoulish countenance entering through The Gate to roam the land on this night. From the vast Abyss that is the Universe, come forth thought-forms of the Imagination, joining as one compliments the other in tenebrous rapport.

Screams of delight and fear fill the incense-scented night air with fanciful images of darksome fane, in haunted dimensions spreading shadowy reflections of nightmares and dreams. This night we are entertained by the populace who attempt to laugh away insecurities while preserving dreadful fear when dim silence pervaids. What is felt is true to the dichotemy of the species, and shall continue to be so by nature's innate undefiled wisdom.

We are the incarnate phantoms of the dark side of the subconcious always present, veritable humanimal werewolves among sheeple, and by whatever form pleases us, remain the mighty over the meek.

The Devil is the "reason for the season", though felt omnipresently in flesh and bone with honest contemplation of the Magical Beast-God that is The Self. Indulge in all manner of carnal delights, "tricks and treats" dispensed to those who are deserving, and for mutual gratification. Salacious or terrifying accoutrement expressing the inner daemon revealed...

So let the celebrations begin, with regally joyful fanfare, and with sustained, enhanced perspective. The black flame there dances upon the candles, growing high and strong within the brain and body of The Satanist!

Hail Halloween! Hail Satan!

In Nomine Satanas,
Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary, The Infernal Empire
Halloween XLI, Anno Satanas.

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