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Some ghost stories...

Presented here for your entertainment, are some "ghost" stories pulled up from The Vault, by those who have 'experienced' them...

The Jacket

Many years ago, late one autumn night, a young man was driving home when he noticed a girl waiting beneath a street lamp at a bus stop. The man, having a kind heart, was concerned that the buses might not even be running this late at night so he pulled over and asked the girl if he could give her a ride. She accepted gratefully and got into the car. She told the man her name was Mary, as she curled up in the seat, shivering from the cold, damp night air. The man gave her his jacket to warm her, and after getting her address, he drove her right to her front door and dropped her off. The hour had gotten very late, so the tired young man was happy to head back to his own home.

It wasn't until the next morning that he noticed his jacket was missing and realized that of course, he had forgotten to get it back from his passenger last night. Well, there was nothing to do but to drive back to the girl's house and claim his jacket, so he got in the car and found her house again. He went up to the front door and knocked, and was greeted by an older woman. The man explained that he had brought the young lady home last night and that he had come back to get a jacket that he had lent her.

The woman just stared at him for several long moments, and then said that such a thing was impossible. The man, thoroughly confused, repeated his story, all the while standing in the doorway, when he spied a picture hanging just over the woman's shoulder in the front hallway. It
was a picture of the girl he had given a ride to the night before. He pointed at it, saying, "But that is the girl! That's Mary! I drove her home here just last night!"

The woman just shook her head, and in a fear-filled voice said, "That is not possible. Yes, that is my daughter, but she has been dead for many years. I don't know who you are and what you want, but if you don't believe me, you can drive to the cemetery up the road and see for yourself! Now, I think it's time you go!"

The man was shaken and totally confused by now. Saying an awkward good-bye, he hurried back to his car and after a minute or two, decided that he would do exactly as the woman had suggested and go out to the cemetery. He found it easily enough, but had no idea how he would locate
this girl he was looking for. Nevertheless, he knew he had to start walking and solve this mystery once and for all. The gloomy atmosphere and autumn air were sending cold chills through him as he trudged past the first rows of gravestones, wondering all the while if he had gone totally crazy. Only a moment later, he froze in his tracks. There was something very odd looking on a grave just a few steps away, nestled amongst some wind-tossed leaves. Realizing right away what it was, he ran the last few steps. There was his jacket, neatly folded up on the ground, lying beneath a headstone bearing the name Mary.


My family and I lived in an old house in Wisconsin that was built in the 1880s. The woman who lived there before us was a spinster with no living relatives. She was 98 when I met her for the first time. My uncle had bought the property and Eileen, the old lady, gave my uncle power of attorney over her affairs. When she reached 99 her health began to seriously fail. My uncle put her in a nursing home. She said if he did she was going to die and if she died she'd come back.

Well, she died. We moved into her house after cleaning out her lifetime of accumulations. She was a pack rat and never threw anything away.

Anyway, one day at dusk as my family and I were working in the garden at the rear of the house we saw the light come on in the spare room upstairs. We saw the figure of a woman moving around up there. In that room my aunt had put all the antiques that Eileen had kept. The room was locked from the outside by a padlock.

I went up to check to see if my aunt was in the room. The padlock was on the door and yet I could hear someone moving around in the room. There was no other way to get into that

I went back downstairs and saw the figure was still moving around. Then we all saw the figure disappear at the same time it reached up to pull the string to turn off the light.

No live person could have been in that room.

The Uninvited Visitor

I went to a throwback costume party with a couple who are friends of mine. The party was fun, and since it was near their home, I decided to stay the night and sleep on their couch. They live in an old part of town here in Colorado Springs known as Old Colorado City. I stayed at the party a bit longer than them, and they arranged to leave the door unlocked for me so I could simply walk in and go to sleep on their couch (the living room is immediately there when you walk in the front door).

I made my way to their house around 2-3 am, and being exhausted, I laid right down on the couch. My face and front of my body was facing the wall, and the back part of the couch. In other words, the front of my body was facing the part of the couch one would normally put their back
against while sitting, and the back part of my body was exposed toward the TV which was in front of the couch.

Around maybe 5 am or 5:30 am, when it was starting to get light out, I was awakened by the feeling of someone lying down behind me, as if spooning me. I felt his hand (for some reason, I felt it was a male) on my side as he laid behind me, and his legs against mine from behind. I immediately thought it was my friend's boyfriend, who maybe got confused and laid down behind me thinking I was his girlfriend? The blanket I was sleeping with covered my head as well, so I thought he just assumed she came out to the couch and decided to lie with her forgetting I was there?

Not 5 seconds after I felt this person lay down behind me, I said, "Brian, it's Julie, not Jessica." As soon as I said this I felt "him" get up. The weird part is though, when I thought back about the experience, I did not hear anyone walk away like footsteps. I just felt the pressure of the "person" behind me get up, but no sound, it was complete silence.

When my friends woke-up, I told them both about it, and asked Brian if he laid down behind me thinking I was Jessica, his girlfriend. He said now, and told me it was probably their cat who laid with me. The only thing is I DISTINCTLY felt a hand on my waist and legs against mine! It couldn't have been the cat! Trust me, I was open to suggestions, but I KNOW what I felt.

My friends have told me several time that strange things have happened in their house and that it seems to be haunted sometimes. I've never felt or noticed anything until this night, and I'm fairly sensitive to things of a spiritual nature. It really bothered me though, this whole experience. But the weird and really scary part that happened was when my friend told me in the next day or so that the night that I had my experienced there next door neighbor had died! He was an elderly man.

I couldn't help thinking that the "he" that laid down behind me was this man! I am a very light sleeper, so I am easily awakened generally speaking. The whole thing troubled me, and now every time I go to their house, and I walk past their neighbor's house, I think about the

From then on, I never sleep with my back exposed; I always face my back toward the wall or put a pillow against my back.

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