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Halloween Meritocracy

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I Am sometimes bemused by the herd as they advertise their Halloween costumes, attempting to portray that which they wish they were but could never hope to become, both historical and fictional variations, so-called done in fun, most times not even being aware of what or whom they are portraying.

It is also amusing at times when these costumes actually tend to resemble either Myself or other Satanists, and otherwise established diabolical archetypes. Just recently I received the above flyer in the post, and was somewhat taken aback by two images in particular thereon. Observe second row, third in from the left. To Me, this resembles the "Knight of The Infernal Empire" photo-manipulation a former acquaintance created for Me; and then, third row, third in from the right, a very LB portrayal, although the two witches and the Sorceress / Vampiress could also very well apply.

Granted, we are used to our thoughts and imaginings becoming reality, as time and time again we witness the manifestation of some idea suddenly appear in the media, whether it be an idea for a presentation or a personage {humanoid or not}, world situations, personal gratification, and what Dr. LaVey called "Diabolical Machinations" begin transpiring, and this is pleasing.

It is also very pleasing to witness the increased availability of certain fetishistic outfits for year- 'round use!

Entertain Me

I propose that for subsequent Halloweens, the costumed celebrant be versed in at least the basics of that portrayal, with a prior education of its epistomology and etymology. Then, when standing upon the doorstep in that personafication {although The Noctuary seems to prove just too disturbing as a rule}, the "trick or treater" can earn their prize by displaying a relative characteristic and knowledge of whom they are assuming, and at least invent a small routine of some sort, which will make the night even more fun for all involved, with additional knowledge to boot. Thus, the dispensation of either a very nice treat, or a well-deserved trick!

So when the herd return to their banal lives, mediocre routines, and trend programming, the Satanist will at least get a chuckle from these fabrications on this night, whether at home or about, and pay back some visual treats for the free stimulation they receive for having the opportunity of being in our presence the rest of the year through. Although that would not be quite enough...

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