Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Is Little Caesar's Satanic? by Loki

Little Caesar's Pizza

Let us examine the logo here,to determine whether or not this pizza franchise was spawned from the very depths of Hell itself, with its delicious product cooked with the hell fires of the infernal furnace:

Upon examining the mascot, we see that it is indeed a rendition of Nero Caesar, which, according to certain numerological calculations, adds up to nothing other than the dreaded 666, and has been named an "Antichrist" in history, for his persecution of Christians in and out of The Circus Maximus, and blaming them for his torching of that lovely kingdom of indulgence, Rome. And upon further consideration, he also resembles Napoleon, of all dictators, whose name has also been calculated to add up to the Number of The Beast; and who has also been considered an "Antichrist" by certain conspiracy theorists. And what does one see when contemplating his toga? Why, a 666 decoration! And what is that design which supposedly comprises his chest hair thereon? A mysterious "SOC"...what does this portend? Could it be "Satan Our Christ"? And even further evidence that Little Caesar's is satanic, what could be more obvious besides a 666? Look at his hand, his left hand at that, what is that he is signifying? The Devil's Sign! That's right {or left}, the two horns up as he munches a pizza slice which could very well represent a soul. Also notice how many pepperonis are marked upon the hellish stanchion he holds - nine of them! Yes, another number attributed to The Prince of Darkness! And the entire image is presented within a portal - could it be a portal to The Underworld? Observe the tiles {on the box} which would normally be placed upon the floor of the establishment - a veritable Portal to the Netherworld indeed.

Yes, the great devilish conspiracies are still with us in a more covert form now, all throughout seemingly harmless societal icons from logos to mascots. ∞

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Tags: 666, antichrist, comedy, dining, essays, food, hell's bar & grill, hell's kitchen, humor, loki's laughter

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