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On The Sensory Deprivation Chamber...

Greater Magic

On The Sensory Deprivation Chamber...

It has been discussed before the value of a coffin for use in ritual, from the sensual birthing of L' Air Epais {The Satanic Rituals}, to the psychodramatic theatrics of Ceremony of The Vampires {Dracomeroth}, to an ideal meditation / etheric projection chamber, and otherwise as a fetishistic implement for certain salacious activities.

The natural proclivity of beasts to nestle into cozy and secure sleeping chambers to emerge into the great wide world upon awakening*, also mimics the nascence of being and promotes perspective on the indulgence that is existence.

In The Black House, Dr. LaVey actually preserved an attached "red room" to The Ritual Chamber entered through a sarcophagus entrance, where the practitioner may perform the necessary venting of emotions in privacy. Thus returning to the main chamber with a sense of satisfaction and complete confidence.

The dichotemy of coming forth from the deep darkness of body and mind sensory deprivation {thus optimally focusing on visualization and projection} to the sensory saturation of The Ritual Chamber creates a sharp contrast which is most psychologically stimulating to enhance the ritual at hand, when casting the desire of The-Is-To-Be into the ether amidst the Greater Magical Working.

The Coffin may be as ornate or simple as one desires for one's purposes, or no coffin at all, but perhaps an enclosed canope bed, veiled partition, or even a comfortable closet.

Hypothetically, a very simple SDC may be constructed by merely clearing out one's closet. If you have an elongated version anywhere between 6'-7' in length, lay down a couple of thick blankets as a foundation, and pillows for the head. Then slide the door closed and commence The Thought-Form Projection. If a stand-up variation, place a chair therein and close the door for total darkness, and transcend the boundaries of the world, suspend disbelief and imagine what you will.

This would also be useful in the practice of lucid dreaming, to enter the self-determined and realized "Dream Gate", to mentally travel where one wills for the formation of reality spawned from focused thought into subsequent action. The Mind over Matter dynamic which is the hallmark of the Omnipotent Magician.

* As a matter of fact, I recall several instances in which as a Dracling I would sometimes sleep under the bed, or up in a cabinet above the closet, which was actually quite comfortable.


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