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House of Dracula


House of Dracula
{1945 c.e. Directed by Erle C. Kenton. Starring Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine, Martha O' Driscoll, Onslow Stevens, Jane Adams}

Various legendary monsters are summoned by enterprising Dr. Edelman {Onslow Stevens} to develop "cures" for their conditions. Count Dracula arrives late on night as "Baron Latos" {John Carradine}, to undergo transfusion treatments*; and The Wolfman is to be neurologically injected with a wolvesbaine compound. Still, these creatures stay true to their natures, as Dracula seduces lovely blonde nurse Meliza during a moving rendition of Moonlight Sonata {the "music of My world" ~ Dracula}, and The Wolfman takes a suicidal leap off a cliff's edge hoping to end his lunar torment, but instead resides in the caves below the castle where Frankenstein's monster is discovered semi-submerged in the ruins, clutching his creator's skeleton.

After The Wolfman almost kills Dr. Edelman, they find the hidden chambers beneath the castle, and transport Frankenstein's creature back to the laboratory, where after a brief resuscitation attempt, decide against it, based on moralistic admonitions by hunchbacked nurse 'Nina', despite the overwhelming benefits to science and humankind this would engender.

Eventually, Dr. Edelman realizes the folly of inviting these darksome personages to the castle when he witnesses the slow somnambulism of nurse Meliza into Dracula's influence, and erroniously thinks he has been rid of this Prince of Darkness via a deceptive transfusion session, but his revenge is deeply ingrained into flesh and bone, as Edelman's mind is possessed of swirling visions of what he must now do, with Dracula's blood flowing in his veins - seems he himself was justifiably tricked into receiving vampire essence, which transforms him into a very Jeckyl & Hyde / Mad Scientist character, in which he murders a horse-driver and runs rampant at a local village, which causes the classically amusing 'villagers with torches and pitchforks' scene, but he manages to elude capture. He also began the successful resurrection of Frankenstein's creation, who is too quickly dispatched by the flame.

Meliza and a cured Wolfman fall in love, and hunchbacked Nina is de-humped, thus presenting a statuesque brunette beauty. John Carradine made for a curious, though always regal Count, and Frankenstein's monster is very nicely portrayed by Lon Chaney Jr., master monster man.

With shades of 'Mad Monster Party', House of Dracula contains several original monsters from cinematic arcana {with the exception of The Mummy and The Creature from The Black Lagoon} rolled into one film, mixed with an intriguing plot, Noir accoutrement, and gothically elegant environments, which is a most diabolically-pleasing combination.


* Brings to mind Dr. Hoffman's treatments for Barnabas Collins of Dark Shadows infamy.

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