DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

666 Satanic High Mass DVD coming soon!

666 Satanic High Mass DVD coming soon!

Dear Friends,

Many people have written to Priestess Heather and myself inquiring about when the DVD of the live performance of the 666 Satanic High Mass is coming out.

As we've learned, anything worth doing is never easy, and it takes time to do the subject matter justice.

Right now we are working hard with Magus Gilmore, Magistra Nadramia and the event director Amit Itelman reviewing footage, obtaining all the proper paperwork and seeking the best distribution route for this monumental work.

As the best Satanic films that have come before this, such as Satanis and Speak of the Devil, have stood the test of time, it is our sincere hope that the care and work that we put into the 666 Satanic High Mass DVD will ensure our place in this unholy cinematic trinity, and inspire and enlighten viewers for decades to come about what it really means to be a Satanist.

There will be interviews and a few special extras as well, so look for this milestone in Satanic cinema sometime in 2007.

Unitl that time, we thank all of you for your interest in what promises to be a pinnacle in the pantheon of Satanic history.

Hail Satan!

Reverend Bryan Moore

Priestess Heather Saenz

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