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U n d e r w o r l d
{XXXVIII A.S. Directed by Len Wiseman. Starring Kate Beckinsale, Michael Corvin, Michael Sheen, Shane Brolly, Bill Nighty, Sophia Myles}

UnderworldIn this thriller, Vampires are at war with the Lycans {werewolves}, who were kept as slaves until in a very Romeo and Julet scenario, Elder Vampire "Viktor" slays his own daughter in front of her werewolf lover who goes on to wage a battle to avenge her death. Here, The Vampires are aristocratic libertines presiding in opulent lairs while the Lycans are more or less street thugs residing under the city.

Subsequently, the Lycans formulate a plan to mix vampire and werewolf DNA to create a master warrior who would destroy the vampires once and for all. Lucian, the leader of the Lycans, sets his sights on a mortal named 'Michael' to be transformed into this champion for them. It is seen that this warrior represents the "son" "Lucian" never had, who himself falls in love with 'Selene', an attractive lycan-hunter, which stirs contention with Kraven, lord of the Vampire castle who stands as vampire ruler, whose reign is less than acceptable to Emperor Viktor, once he is awakened by Selene and becomes aware of the potentially dangerous situation brewing with the Lycans, which can effectively end their existence.

Armed with silver nitrate bullets, Selene and a handful of vampires go forth to decimate these werewolves, before they reach them and tear them to pieces. One of the more gorey scenes involves a massacre within a train.

Confused by the changes he is experiencing and impelled by his growing fascination with this shadowy underworld as well as an infatuation for Selene, Michael returns to the castle where he was kept prisoner after being kidnapped by Selene, and eventually is captured by Lucian, wherein his resident geneticist "Singe" begins experimenting to complete the matamorphosis into the Vampire-Werewolf synthesis.

Viktor wages elegantly with the furious amalgamated warrior, and in an unexpected twist, Selene goes sword to sword with Viktor, ending with a most interesting strike.

The film is repleat with enjoyable dark environments, leather-clad accoutrement, impressive transmogrifications, an original and compelling plot, with constant action-adventure {not horror}, in a general "Buffy"/VanHelsing-like vain, although the premise is superior to those presentations. Feral monsters versus regal creatures, preserving the story within the shadows, devoid of any pretentiously daylighty "heroic" characters, which is appreciated.


Tags: spechtreum

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