DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Lüstmord Rising

Malefik Musick

Lüstmord Rising 06.06.06
{VI.VI.XLI A.S., Hell-A, Kalifornia}

Recorded live at the 666 Sintennial Convergence at the Center for Inquiry in Los Angeles, CA on 6/6/06, these dark soundscapes will transport you into another dimension where demonic creatures beckon, and amorphous ominous shadows grow to titanic proportions.

The Gate was opened wide on this dreaded date, as the superstitious energy was redirected for our purposes and into our celebrations.

Decompression prepares one to transcend the boundaries of this world, suspend disbelief, and allow the archetypes to project forth from the deepest abyssal recesses of the imagination. The Infernal Trinity of beastial sentiment is stimulated as this malefik musick progresses; Lust, Anger, and Compassion are the keys to the nether regions within, plunging deeply to access the core of being. One perceives the elements rising forth, intimately blending with the humanimal that is man, in his most primal and Magical state.

Light the candles, and experience the aural darkness spawned straight from Hell and feel the thrall of an authentic Satanic Ritual surrounding you. Regal and omnipotent.

Lüstmord is our musickal guide along the corridors of the Pit, where monsterous visions appear to enthrall and edify.


Lüstmord RisingTrack Listing
01. Decompression
02. Compassion
03. Congregants Requests 1
04. Lust
05. Congregants Requests 2
06. Destruction
07. Congregants Requests 3
08. Benediction
09. Conclusion
10. Exit

Total Time: 65.00
Tags: 666, church of satan, malefik musick

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