DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil's Diary X

The Devil's Diary X

The Devil's Diary X: Available Friday, October 13, XLI A.S. This issue features an interview with Citizen Chadwick Hardy of Predatory Mindset, Only One Satanism by Bill M., Halloween, The Herd, & The Satanist by Draconis Blackthorne, The Intrinsic Decadence by Michael D. Walach, The Laughter of Azathoth by Michael DeLuca, It's Halloween! by Kyle Whittaker, plus The Manifesto of The Beast, and a review of the 666 Sintennial Events. Noctuarium multimedia reviews, The Black Earth, and Black Heart Poetry.

6. Order Form.
6. Contact Blackthorne Productions for ordering information.
6. Deadline for Issue XI: April 11, XLII A.S.

Tags: blackthorne productions, the devil's diary

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