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Return to The Fair...

The Black Earth

The L.A. County Fair
Pomona, Hell-A, CA

My impressions of The Fair, Circa XLI

We arrived in parking section 9 right around dusk, as we made our way to the carnival fairgrounds which promised indulgence, confectionery delights, and many sensical arousals.

Being wise to the expansive fairground therein, we decided to take advantage of the tram, and boarded in order to observe the entirety of the fair, getting off whenever something piqued our interest.

Scare At The Fair

Whenever I partake of this event, I particularly enjoy The Scare At The Fair attraction, which I must say, has really gotten most impressive - they claim to have removed all the stops and refuse to make the experience watered-down whatsoever to make it "family friendly" - all of the fearsome effects utilized at The Queen Mary haunted attraction, are in full use here as well, and it is very much appreciated.

Atop the phantom-laden dungeon structure one is greeted by a large Grim Reaper, bending down and extending his arms to welcome the passer-by into the terrors which lay within, complete with echoing haunted voice and fog effects. Just a wonderful spectacle worth the pithy fee for the fun-fear within. One can readily perceive that even the resident monsters employed are professionals, engaging in various stunts to shock and frighten, from quite literally "hanging around" inside, to the hidden ghouls lurching forth with a slide and various dexterous poses.

It is also quite amusing to watch the reactions of the various 'normals' walking by, from screams to scared laughter to even running away, which I feel is the greatest compliment of all. Highly recommended and a must if you decide to visit The Fair.

A view of some of the artistry

The buxom nubile beauty of 13th streetThe Haunted Mansion

The other recommendation is "The Haunted Mansion" ride, set on the opposite side of the carnival grounds to Scare At The Fair, which would be another spookhouse in a more traditional form, where you actually board a roller-coaster, taking one into many different chambers filled with Halloween environments populated with goblins, beasties, and ghosties suddenly shooting forth and lurking about. I did appreciate the hellmouth scenery where riders are gobbled up and greeted by the subsequent residents of the next Hell.

Fairview Farms

The animals are always a pleasure to visit - all mammalian in this case, from goats to horses, ponies, cows, rabbits, sheep, roosters, chickens, and massive pigs. Most remarkable to Me was the amibex goat, displaying all four horns resembling the Heptagram of Satanas I created, with the other three points comprised of the ears and snout. It is My suggestion that they expand their animal display, to also include reptilian and more exotic predatory beasts such as wildcats, and animal oddities.

Home & Gardens

Highly recommended is the "Home & Gardens" section, featuring the "Enchanted Gardens" {tonight, with various luminescent lights resembling fireflies strung into the willows}, the marvelous Atrium displaying so many exotic plant-life artfully arranged {really like taking a stroll through a haunted greenhouse where one is unaware of what the next species is capable of, besides its strange alluring beauty}; not to mention "Hidden Meadows", a series of veritable mazes and nooks, tunnels and archways, many darkened corners and al-fresco picnic areas - great overall to take a break from the herd.

The Fun House

As a side note, I tried the fried avocado dish at "Chicken Charlie's", and it was absolutely delicious. We later partook of the frozen cheesecake on a stick treat, and a humongous cotton candy bag. ∞

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