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Gamera: Guardian of The Universe


Guardian of The Universe

{XXX A.S. Directed by Shusuke Kaneko. Starring Yoshinari Yonemori, Naoya Kusangi, Mayumi Nagamine, Asagi Kusanagi}

Mega-turtle Gamera sleeps in the deep and is summoned forth by a girl who retains a sympathetic connection through a comma-shaped rock pendant, to do battle with an old enemy in Gyaos, the monster pterodactyl who feasts on human beings. Gamera's whereabouts are divulged when a team of oceanographers discover an island which conceals a mystical megalith encribed with actual Futhark runes, describing the prophesy of the monsters returning when the world is in perceived environmental peril.*

The little humans are predictably afraid of the monsters, and seek to destroy both of them, despite Gamera's heroic inclinations, but after awhile, they realize Gamera is the only great beast who can battle Gyaos, who has set up nest atop Tokyo Tower in the middle of the city. Instead of luring the giant away, the seemingly idiotic military deem to destroy the pterodactyl right there amidst the metropolitan surroundings. Their battle destroys the city at the cost of only a few human lives {in which Gyaos treats herself to "canned human" as she peels away subway trains, shaking the residents into her mouth}.

With the help of the life-force of the girl, Gamera gathers up enough energy to defeat Gyaos, which takes them from the city to the ocean, and even into outer space. Though Gamera receives some potent blows, thus also effecting the girl, he prevails in the end, with a nod of recognition.



* This is the constant theme underlying oriental monster mythology, as these "monsters" are an incarnate metaphor for "Nature's Avengers", as it were. This can also be seen most dramatically in the Godzilla films.

Having been a fan of monster movies since Draclinghood, I was pleased to see a well-done resurrection of the genre in this film since the late 70's/early 80's craze.

For those unfamiliar, Gamera is a likable giant turtle with snaggle teeth arising from his lower jaw, can fly in his unique way from biochemical jets within his shell {sometimes spinning}, and emits a deadly nuclear spray from his mouth.

Tags: film review, spechtreum

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