DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


For Infernal Progeny, I came across this quaint little Disney movie about a budding little witch learning "the craft" from her grandmother, since her mother is mortal-minded, rather like Derrin Stevens, decrying all things Magical, yet on this trip to Halloweetown, only known to witches, warlocks, and other creatures of the preternatural, she learns more about her abilities than her mother would have liked, and realizes that she is a witch. There is the villain herein, named "Kalabar", resembling a blackened floating phantom with actually, a pretty noble endeavor to free the occupants of Halloweentown from their reserved space on earth, and "take over the mortal world", but meets resistence from the "white witches", as is were, and with their combined efforts inclusive of an ingracious former follower { as well as a surprise revelation is brought forth with her science-minded little brother who resembles, not surprisingly, Harry Potter}, defeat the evil warlock, and thus, everything returns to how it was.

The typical "good vs. evil" scenario is seen in this film, but instead of the Christian Crusader against the evil dragon, thanks to the Harry Potter mythos, it is essentially "white magic vs. black magic", with no mention whatsoever of the JC myth. So it would probably be prudent to clarify this point to Infernal Progeny that "Magic is Magic, by whatever name it is called", be it used to help or hinder, and originates from The Self, and should be appropriately administered towards those who deserve it. and is honestly according to one's desires.

The title of the movie does obviously bear a resemblence to the Halloweentown of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Rating: 2/5


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